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The great American liberty bell, made in Mexico.

The bell is an assault weapon also known as Stevvn Lleb, vaguely resembling a pear. It was mainly used by pedestrian armies during the War of 1812, in assaults against Bouncy Castles. It is also known to be greatly effective in the penetration of soft, fleshy tunnels and has been known to spew forth great streams of sticky white lava.

Working principle[edit]

The functioning of bell is based on works of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the microwave oven. The bell is, in fact, a direct derivation of the microwave oven. After the derivation process, the oven disappears and only the microwaves remain, embedded into the bell. The bell could then emit a mostly unfocused beam of microwaves of low intensity. During assault, the waves are concentrated against the springs of the castle, canceling their jump frequencies. After this procedure the castle is rendered bounceless.

Attack structure[edit]

The bell functions much like a battering ram; attached to a strong shaft and held in place by a set of two stern balance balls. A single man can use the bell in a combat situation - The warrior must thrust the shaft, moving the bell forward, deep within the fleshy fortress.

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The bell is an assault weapon, vaguely resembling a pear.