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The victim, a beautiful woman named Bella Goth

Bella Goth was announced missing at Saturday, 12:00 noon. and only I, Romeo Monty of Veronaville, can find her.

Act One: The Victim's Family[edit]

Bella Goth lived at 2 Sim Avenue at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen on the roof of Mafia boss Don Lothario's house. Bella's husband, Mortimer Goth, said Bella was commanded by the "Great Green Diamond in the sky" to look out the telescope during the time of 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM, and was abducted by illegal aliens from the Neighborhood known as Mexico. I was taken to the Goth Mansion to learn about Bella Goth, from her family, Mortimer, Cassandra, and Alexander Goth.

Interrogation with the Goth Family[edit]

The house was luxurious, and would normally raise every needs bar a Sim could have. But not today. The Goths were all sitting around in a living room, mourning Bella 's disappearance. Out the window I could see many tombstones. I then sat down with the Goth Family to ask them questions. I asked Mortimer about Bella. He gave many answers, along with very, touching, memories. The only answer I really cared about was something about Don Lothario's hot tub. If only Cassandra hadn't seen the thought bubble of the hot tub above my head. Party spoiler. Then I had to pay attention. Mortimer said something about a telescope, so then I went into the Goth's backyard.

The Goth mansion, one of the oldest in Pleasantview.

A Shocking Inspection[edit]

It was six PM. I walked around the Goths' backyard, avoiding the private graveyard. I walked past the garden, and strolled past the old wedding arch. Then, I stopped dead where an old baby bottle was lying on the ground. I couldn't get past it! So I waved my arms around and screamed for a while, until I finally figured out how to walk around it. Then, I found myself gazing at the Goths' telescope. I looked upon the floor, and there was a rather large clue in front of me. A large, black, spot where Bella Goth had stood while gazing at the stars, the ground had been scorched, the grass was dead. This was normally a sign of illegal Mexicans. Then, the Goths bought a new TV set, and naturally, I dropped everything I was doing so I could walk over to it and say "what's this?" Then, I went back to the telescope and I saw.. I saw an enormous silver disk, hovering above the air. I ran like hell for the door. I was sheltered from the aliens for now, and then it hit me like a ban from a sysop...

The Truth...I hope[edit]

Don Lothario is an illegal Mexican Mafia boss, and he kidnapped Bella for research, then left her in space! But I still didn't know where Bella was, and I had more work to do. As I left the Goth Mansion, I heard a distinct scream... it sounded like a shrill, desperate voice of a young woman, and I knew who it was, no, it wasn't Juliet Capp, the woman I loved, so I didn't know... I ran into the Goth backyard and I saw... I saw... Cassandra Goth, getting repeatedly scared by her ancestors... as ghosts of every color...
They repeatedly popped up next to Cassandra and yelled, and Cassandra peed her pants each time without fail. Her father Mortimer was naturally delighted by all this, since he was a knowledge sim. Cassandra quietly ran over next to me. Then, the sun went up, and the ghosts promptly dove back into their graves, and lay down to sleep. Just when we thought it was all over, Cassandra realized she had left a toaster pastry in her oven. A fire had started in the kitchen! So naturally we all ran over, so we were about three feet away from the fire, and started screaming, spinning in circles, and refusing to do anything. Thankfully, they had a fire alarm, which meant that a fire truck instantly appeared in front of our house, and a fireman ran over and put out the fire with his fire extinguisher.
The day had one more surprise in store for me: Cassandra asked me a question, a question I never would have guessed she would say... Cassandra asked me if she could join me in my quest to find Bella Goth.

Act Two: The Mafia Boss[edit]

Cassandra and I didn't have much time. We had to get to Don Lothario's home while he was gone, find some clues, and run like hell out of there. Bella was seen on Don Lothario's rooftop on the eve of her disappearance, and a snitch told the police Bella had angered Lothario before he was shot and killed outside the police station. The problem was, he was never shot and killed. The snitch was a fake, sent by Don to kill me. Outside, hiding behind a small car, I could see Don Lothario French kissing many women in a line. That, and at least ten Mafia gangsters. Unfortunately, the small car had gangsters inside. We were going to be fucked. Really. They had lubricant ready. Before our imminent woo-hooing, Don Lothario came into the room...

Act Three[edit]

Shit, not again! To be continued......


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