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Those obsessed with so-called experts should thank their lucky stars that Wikipedia does not have an article about Belliteration.
Banana battles bean, blame balloons.

Belliteration, begotten by basically blotting beginnings beyond B, brings banal babble brilliance by B-based beautification. Belliterators believe B best by billions bagels. Belliteration breaks boundaries bestricting banal beginnings, becoming bizarre by-standards bit by bit, be benevolent beat belitteration barely.

Bearings [blank]


Babblelike belliteration be, but by babbling broken bindings bi-linguistic be. Bemusing by-effects become:

  • Bear bonanza
  • Brigands bound by barns, beheaded
  • Bloated burps
  • Bring botany bee, birds
  • Burn Botswana
  • Buggery brutal
  • Burnout bethrodden
  • Beauty belonging
  • Brian Ballmer bartender

Begone bits

Belliteration's bystanders be brutally bespoken, broken bajillion bits by bubble-headed beatniks beclaiming belliteration boot-licking bad. Belitteration brave-speaker Brodie B Boskonovitch becomes bresident, Bnuited Bates bo' Bamerica Bresident bans bad-speakers, broad-grinningly bevisiting blood baths, blood-showers, burnings, boring broad-band broadcasts. Blow-jobs betray bresident's becadent bad-tasting boner. Brutal breakdown begins, baring bitches, betrayers, bender-bots. Banarchist boundary-place Belliteratia birthed.


Barney barks, besmirching bone-headed butter-divers before belliterating beer-gods. Boomsayers bend bonsai branches, bite barefeet babelicious babes' bellybuttons. Bobzilla bestomps Belgium by broad-footed benchmarks. Beachhead beams Billy's boner, Baranarians bellow "BAD BREATH" because boner becomes barely-mentionable by-product. Barbarian begs besmiting berseker: "Beans! Bojangles! Baby-nuts!" Biafran babies beclaimed "beautiful" by bean-eating bureau, botox bananas blamed.

Behold by-associations