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Bender will blast your squishy meatbag ass!

Bender Bending Rodriguez (1985-3025) was a character from the John Hughes movie The Breakfast Club. Played by Joltin' Joe DiMaggio, a former baseball player who later became famous in Suddenly Susan, he is the stereotypical bad boy--long hair, leather boots, biting sarcasm, and a serious attitude problem.

Many people think that he is given the best lines of the film, such as "Bite my shiny metal ass" and "Antiquing." In fact, just about any insult hurled by a stoner at a geek in the 1980s was first thrown at geeky bodybuilder Michael Anthony Hall (played by Emilio Estevez Sheen Fry) by Bender.

Bender Vandalizes so much that he even vandalizes pics of himself vandalizing Grafiti

Bender is a walking contradiction. He threatens and verbally abuses the other students, calling them meatbags and chumpettes, but then defends Amy from the wrath of Dean Wormer. Later in the movie, Bender reveals that he was abused at home, and after he reenacts a shouting match between himself and his mother, Mom, you feel sorry for him. Plus, he gets everyone stoned, which is really cool when you're a teenager in the 80s, especially in a PG movie.

After the movie, Bender joined the band "Simple Minds."

Bender's ass has been regarded in many cultures as the driving force behind most religions not related to Optimus Prime or Oscar Wilde, and has led to millions of teenagers joining cults which partake in the regular polishing and biting of asses. His ass is so famous that Richard Nixon used it to win the 1968 election. When questioned on the newfound fame of his ass, Bender informed people to that they could bite his shiny daffodil ass. It has also been noted that Bender's favourite cause of death was being hit by a cement truck being driven by the Incredible Hulk.

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