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Benedict's solution is a blue liquid created by the Pope in case of being impersonated.


One night the pope was nervous that Jesus would come and impersonate him for a day, interfering with the pope's plans for world domination. So, he prayed to God, asking for a solution to his problem. He woke up one day, and in his fridge was a test tube filled with a blue substance. He tasted it, and it tasted a little bit like blue kool aid. Then, he climbed into his hot tub, and this happened to be a Bunsen powered hot tub. Afterward, he was hospitalized. Symptoms he was experiencing were turning yellow and red, having a sugar high, and bottle rockets flying out of his ass at random times during the day. Shortly after being released, he died.


  • Get suspected impostor
  • Slip some Benedict's solution in drink, preferably wine
  • Heat the pope under a Bunsen burner
  • Wait for results


Benidict's solution reacts with only the Pope, and you. Results may vary. Shake, don't stir.

Positive Results[edit]

The Pope may also have yellow or red pee instead of just turning red or yellow.
  • turning yellow and red
  • having a sugar high
  • bottle rockets flying out of his ass at random times during the day
  • death

Negative Results[edit]

  • MMMMMM, kool aid.

Neutral Results[edit]

  • The desire to eat. The cardinals' defecation