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Benelux, the all purpose pill is a new drug created by Belgium, Luxumburg, and Denmark in late 2002, but currently owned by Al Gore. A very interesting and revolutionary pill, Benelux can cure anything, yet kauses all side effects known to man, and twelve known only to Ninja Pirates.


In 2002 the contries of Belgium, Luxumburg, and Denmark commissioned their three national idiots (a.k.a presidents) to create a new drug that will boost their economy beyind the value of Bill Gates' head. After three months of watching Macgyver, one of them open a hole in the space-time contimuim using a cat-toast device and pulled out a unlabeled pill-bottle. He popped three pills into his mouth, just before Chuck Norris appeared and round-house kicked him in the neck. Miraculously, the president survived, becoming the only creature in creation to survive a round-house kick from Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris was so pissed off he killed the other two, and destroyed the T.V. (he never like Macgyver anyway.) The third president last five minutes longer before dieing from explosive diarrhea and constipation at the same time. Luckily, Al Gore was visiting for some free pizza, and watch the whole thing. Gore then returned home to the U.S. and patent the pills as Benelux, adding it to his many supposed inventions.

Random Ad[edit]

Suffering from anything or possibly nothing at all? You should try Benelux the all purpose pill.

Famous Users (Endorsements)[edit]

  • Al Gore
  • George W. Bush
  • Death
  • Your Momma
  • The Entire State of West Virginia
  • Baron von Squeky
  • Mr. Tweedles
  • Keanu Reeves
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy
  • Every Sith Lord
  • Sith Barett

Drug Facts[edit]

There are in fact no facts about Benelux, they are in fact nothing but rumors, rumors, and the occanisonal graviton, and statement found hear or otherwise is to be distrusted or distroyed including this one, for lack of common sense. However if you are taking Benelux it is recommended that you take it with Relient K

Side Effects[edit]

Side effects may include:

fever, rash, headache, concession, anal seepage, constipation, diarrhea, explosive diarrshea, nausea, dizzyness, fainting, kronik death, acute death, mild stupidity, depression, bi-polar disorder, tri-polar disorder, erectile disfunction, premature ejeculation, homosexuality, pregnancy, lose of limbs, shotgun wounds to the head or neck, heterosexuality, gnome raves in your head, halluncinations, voting for George Bush, Ralph Nader, or Tom Clancy, running for president of california, belief or formation of religion, listening to abba, jumping off buildings, jumping in general, lose of hair, formation of an astroturph, explosions of any body parts, belief in scientology, bleeding from the malph, and all other side effects not listed here, and/or not discovered... (this article was unfinished due to author's acute death from Benelux overdose)