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Come to the dark side.gif
Motto: "Come to the Darkside, we have cookies"
Capital Bevanabad
President Oprah and Secret Squirrel
Area 10sq Kilometres
Form of Government Absolut Monarchy
Currency Cows
Religion Kitten Worship, The Cult of the Jee Man.

“ZOMG! I love icecream!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Bevanistan

The royal monarchy of Bevanistan was founded in the year 1337. The first emperor, Bevan the Terrible, was an evil person who hated Britons, consequently the Bevanistani invasion of Britain was begun in the year 1341, and due to to horrible English dentistry, they commited suicide. Soon after, in 1343 the famous Korean Admiral Michael Le Wilson invaded Bevanistan, with an army of one, Himself. Unfortunately due to some confusion of armies, Michael Le Wilson stood by as the remaining Bevanistani soldiers from the British Invasion Campaign ran off a cliff, and was given a high ranking and cushy title to surrender by the emperor, and a great party with lots of food and drink was held.

The Saracens launched Jihads in 1353 against the Islamic Greeks who occupied that holy city, however they got lost and invaded Bevanistan', and luckily a kensai was available to defend Bevanistan. Saladin slew the kensai. Unfortunately, all of the Saracens died, however the cult of the Jee Man was introduced to Bevanistan.

During this period Bevanistan did nothing until colonisation by the English in 1646. The English then helped the monarch keep power from the communists and a few people died. It was also invaded by penguins, who were repelled by fish.

The ruler of the Liberal Democratic People's Republic of Bevanistan from 1939 to 1987, General Maximus Leetus.

The monarchy of Bevanistan was an ally of Soviet Russia from 1921 and the USSR from 1923 until it was taken over in a hostile communist coup in 1939 and the reigning monarch, Bevan the Bloody was shot. Bevanistan was then known as the Liberal Democratic People's Republic of Bevanistan, which was effectively a police state. General Maximus Leetus who had taken power and was backed by the Soviets and used his omniscient and omnipotent eye to rule Bevanistan with an Iron fist.

Bevanistan regained independence from the Soviets in 1987 when the Ninth Renaissance occurred, and was then taken over by Americanisation. Oprah was then installed as president in a democratic election, this also resulted in computers working better. It has continued up to the present day, but is/was predicted to be destroyed in 2100, but it will be/was transported in a temporal shift back to the year 1337, this has/will caused/cause many averse problems which have not yet been sorted as yet.


The current system of voting used in Bevanistan.

In Bevanistani culture it is typically kittens, dominated with prayer to The Jee Man who was woshipped in an idol form with a great statue of him towering over the equatorial island of Bevanistan. After Oprah was installed as leader, she nicely suppressed these and made everyone worship her.

Graphical Location[edit]

The location of Bevanistan is a mystery to some, however it is rumoured to be in the middle of the pacific ocean... Others say it's in the Strait of Gibraltar or below Cyprus or off the coast of Spain. It was also called Minoa before being established as the Monarchy of Bevanistan.

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