Beverly Hills

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“Any relation to Frankie Beverly”

~ Tamia

Beverly Hills was founded by the holy priest Al Capone and trusted 526th president Micheal Jackson in 1923. Of course Capone and Jackson had a fight over a town strip club and killed each other in a duel. The new town was going to die until 222 year old Chuck Norris stepped up and ruled as a dictator. This town developed mainly in the fashion industry. At the age of 666 Chuck named the town Beverly Hills after his love slave Beverly and his man partner Hill. When he was 999 he died in a fight with communist Vanilla Ice, who clamied Beverly Hills for Russia.

Frickin' Commie Rule=[edit]

Vanilla Ice and commie general Homer Simpson shut down all malls to open millions of Intergalactic Gay Clubs to take over the US. When they did this unthinkable act millions of angry girls yelled "Were like taking like Beverly Hills ya know". The revolt lasted 100,000 million years including the death of Vannila Ice to a dreadful hair dryer blast. Homer Simpson retired Beverly Hills to the Angry Women Association in 1984. Every gay club was burned and most gays put to death during the infamous Beverly Hills Gay Trials. Refugees however trickled over into neighboring West Hollywood and to the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills and Mel Gibson's Apocalypse[edit]

It is said in 2008 that God, a.k.a Mel Gibson, will destroy all of earth. Alas savy Chuck Norris cut a deal with him to not destroy Beverly Hills. Mel Gibson did not hold his end of the deal and kept all the 1 million hot dogs. Beverly Hills was once again forced to call upon the Angry Women Association. They fought Mel's angels. They were re cruited after the untimley yet planned death of Charlie. The angels were shot down by sophisticated M-17 Conditioner Cannons. Mel Gibson surrendered in 2010 and Beverly Hills remained the strongest land ever.