Bible Smoking

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Bible Smoking is a popular pastime for those aged between -18 and 666 and is very addictive. Bible Smoking is also an easy to access form of fun, Bibles are always in cheap supply from any bad second-hand bookstore and/or motel room. The christian right has even promoted bible smoking as a safe alternative to "pole smoking."

This man has commenced the bible smoking ritual.


It is believed that Bible smoking was first discovered when Some Crazy Ass Guy set fire to his bible for some crazy ass reason. This man inhaled the holy gases that flowed from The Good Book and was hooked for life. It is a myth that he died straight away, after inhaling the Bible fumes because he was unfortunate enough to have burned a bible that was written by the man himself. I am of course talking about the Chuck Norris. Either way, this man started a craze, a CRAZY ASS CRAZE!

Side Effects[edit]

Jesus smoking His own rolled-up words

The smoking of the Good Book can leave you with many side effects. Some of these side effects are good. Ah who are we kidding, there all bad.

Known Bible Smokers[edit]

The following people have been caught feeding this dirty habit. Unfortunatley, the poor souls who saw Christopher Walken and Chuck Norris were later incinerated by the all-powerful stares given by those two Gods, oops, I mean people.

A young truckie, comitting the dirty deed, on his rest-break.