Big Daddy (Shirley Crabtree)

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“Yo, Big Guy, you are sexy”

~ Oscar Wilde on Big Daddy

“here we see the exotic Big Daddy or Shirley Crabtree”

~ David Attenborough on Big Daddy

“this guy was a, I'd say cool, he'd never give you up”

~ Rick Astley on Big Daddy
Big Daddy, The Cool Guy

Shirley Crabtree known more commonly as Big Daddy was a cool wrestler and a fan-favourite better than that hunk-o-junk, Giant Haystacks, who was said to be his partner.


'Big Daddy, here to tell you about my rise to fame in a rap My Father was a wrestler too He Was a Better one than you Oh Yeah so I took inspiration from him teamed up with Giant Haystacks I'm not the Big Daddy you know and love but I'm as cool as hell and I'm cool enough they gave me that stupid gimmick and it was so stupid but I was the fan-favourite and I was cool yeah eh yeaaaaaaaaaah yo yee oh lo konogwee Big Daddy Out'


he sadly died of a stroke, but his awesomeness was never forgotten.

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