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The Big Flood was an event which happened in 2017 and did not happen again until 2022 (Little Flood), when major parts of Europe turned into ocean floor. It all started in Denmark, 2006, when a newspaper tried to publish some funny cartoons. Riots started all over the world and several embassies became flooded. After a while there was also some chaos in Paris (but not too much) and there was rain for 40 weeks and 40 days.

A medical officer started to collect species, but only gay and lesbian subjects, and had them put in a boat. The ship sailed away but stranded near the Islamic Republic of Scotland. After a trial all animals were thrown from high buildings. Only gay birds survived.

Missing property[edit]

Several Digital Television sets were stolen during the disaster and there are still victims searching for their belongings. The flooded parts are now called New Zealand, but that is still considered highly trigital. In the Dutch city of Eindhoven there is a museum dedicated to the Big Flood.

Some scientists expect that the Big Flood will happen again soon. The formula of Geenstijl predicts this.