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This man is bigotted against black people
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I'm right; you're wrong. This is the essence of the bigotism. Why waste time reading a book of fantasy, threats, and truisms? (unless of course you wish to control the behaviour of millions of idiotic humans to do your will).

A bigot is a sensible person who realises life is too short to be wrong; why would anyone want to be anything else? (unless of course if they're mentally ill, and require the benefits of asyla and heavy medication). As Socrates once said "On the 'ead son", consequently he made a dinking run and looped in a blinder: QED.

Bigots are often criticised by liberals for being prejudiced and filled with hate. Naturally, liberals are never prejudiced, except against bigots; and never filled with hate ...except towards bigots; hence liberal are bigots, so why would we waste time hating ourselves? That's for liberals to do, whilst they're busy studying how to be a homosexual whilst at university; and learning new ways to limit free speech and complex logically fallacious arguments whose purpose is to deny reality, and to obfuscate troublesome things called facts, so they can characture us poor oppressed bigots as evil: pot and kettle, I might say.

Bigots have no trouble with facts; we know we're right, and we can tailor any fact or extrapolation to demonstrate this; but why waste your time and ours? It's obvious we're right, so lets just get on with it. Liberals of course struggle endlessly with facts, as they know nothing. When Socrates said "The more I know, the more I realise I don't know", you can be sure that there was some Liberal idiot - probably a homosexual - scribbling it down, and missing the point completely.

To the liberal mind, he sees the statement as saying that we must strive to study and learn so as to increase our knowledge about the world; but of course what he really meant was: there's no point studying and learning, because the more you do learn, you more blindlingly obvious it becomes that there is far more you didn't know than you ever thought possible. The moral of the story being, studying and learning increases your ignorance and lack of knowledge, and thus wastes your time.

Hence most universities in the world are full of Liberals, who are busy increasing their complete lack of knowledge about the world, whilst outside the universities, bigots stand proudly by, safe in the knowledge that they are exponentially more right as the Liberals increase their wrongness. The added plus of course being, that the average bigot has far more time to propagate their innate knowledge and reason about the world, whilst liberals are sucked into an eternal vortex of wrongness to the power of wrong.

The poor fools. God, I HATE THEM.

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