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Billy Cabra

Billy Cabra in his personal favourite "Blood Armour", used on numerous occasions to snuff out dissenting students in the middle of the night as and when necessary.

Publisher WJU Saga
First appearance 1996
Created by Churchill Society, Wheeling
Real name Billy Cabra
Status Active
Affiliations League of Evil, ITS
Previous affiliations None
Notable aliases Goatfucker
Notable relatives Nanny, one-time lover
Notable powers Cybernetic implants that grant him superhuman strength, toughness, and agility; ability to use electrical attacks

Billy Cabra is the Overlord of Wheeling Jesuit University's ITS, the technological arm of the League of Evil since it was revived by Immortal Jesuit Emperor Fed Acker Huang in 1984. A cruel and desperate man, Cabra has resorted to methods of extreme violence that have turned heads even among his colleagues working for the League. He remains as one of the most vicious and dangerous enemies of the Council of Light.


Billy Cabra was one of forty-eight clones created by the Cissegara alien race for the purposes of defeating their earlier and greatest creation, Dr. X. Having left Earth after a humiliating defeat by the philosophy professor in the 600s, the Cissegara had determined that a certain combination of chemicals would result in a molecular instability that could potentially defeat Dr. X. Not wanting their plan to fail, the Cissegara created dozens of clones, each imbued with knowledge of Dr. X's powers as well as cybernetic implants created to rival his.

A miscalculation in the breeding process, however, rendered Cabra's mind unstable, and he broke free from control of the Cissegara, destroying the factory warship and travelling to Earth on his own. Guided by an irrational hatred for Dr. X, however, Billy Cabra found himself in Wheeling Jesuit University in the summer of 1994, poised to defeat his adversary.

League of Evil[edit]

Immortal Jesuit Emperor Fed Acker Huang sensed the arrival of Billy Cabra, and was, in fact, initially alarmed at the existence of such a violent and powerful entity. Together with fellow Jesuit Supreme Darkness, Fed Acker Huang offered to meet Cabra at the local Perkin's to discuss his reasons for being in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Huang was keen on the idea of disposing Dr. X, but was hesitant about picking Billy Cabra for the job. Enraged, Cabra assassinated the then-Overlord of ITS, Technocrat, and installed himself as leader of the organisation in 1996. Suitably impressed, Fed Acker Huang allowed Cabra to remain in the position, even acquiescing to his request to construct the Center for Evil Technology in 1997.

Overlord of ITS: Rise, Fall, and Humiliation[edit]

Billy Cabra worked closely with ITS and Campus Insecurity to crush any student gatherings that were perceived as "threats" to university security. His penchant for violence and willingness to use force to brutally crush any and all forms of resistance made him a feared character on campus, and many joined his cause simply to be out of his way. Billy Cabra formed a close alliance with Chris Bling of Residence Life, reining in campus freedom with great effectiveness. Fed Acker Huang was particularly pleased when Cabra successfully crushed a massive student uprising in 2000, comprising of students from the Justice Association, the WJU Civitan, the Campus Ministry Cabal, the International Student Terror Cell, and a variety of other smaller splinter associations.

Having successfully integrated himself into the WJU system, Cabra finally decided that it was time for Dr. X to pay the ultimate price. In 2004, an epic battle took place in The Benedum Room, in which Billy Cabra was supremely confident of winning. In spite of Cabra revealing Dr. X's greatest weakness, he was defeated with the intervention of Yellow Lightning and the Churchill Society. Although Dr. X was forced to leave Normal Continuity in the aftermath of the battle, his failure made him a pariah in the eyes of Lundius Superbus, who already harboured much distrust against the Overlord of ITS.

Most shamefully, in 2005, COSBI succeeded in hacking into ITS' mainframe and uncovering Cabra's secret pornography stash. The findings were disseminated to the student body, earning Cabra the nickname "Goatfucker".

Billy Cabra has since faded from the League of Evil's limelight, involving himself only in minor missions.


Billy Cabra is an enhanced human with cybernetic implants of Cissegaran origin, giving him superhuman strength, toughness, and agility. His implants also allow him to wield massive bolts of electricity.