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Billy Carter (1950-1982) Quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, Out of college he ran a 4.1 second 40 yard dash, Squatted 525lb and Benched 375lb.

Billy Carter’s School Years[edit]

Billy Carter won the Heisman twice

Billy Carter was a natural athlete much like his older siblings Gloria Carter Spann (1923-1990) and the former US president Jimmy Carter. During his high school career he passed for over 18000 yards. For that performance he was accepted into the University of South Carolina. At South Carolina he led them to a bowl game every year and also 2 national titles during his time there. In 1968 at the Peach Bowl the faced rival Clemson University and they were demolished 70-21. The next in the 1969 Fiesta Bowl against Notre Dame University Carter passed for over 300 yards and had 4 touchdown passes and one rushing touchdown in there victory; the score was 35-28. At the 1970 national title game in the Orange Bowl they faced the University of Washington who was number one in the country. During this game Billy Carter passed for 549 yard and 6 touchdown passes in the 56-24 to earn the 1971 national title. In Carter’s senior year he lead South Carolina to the 1979 Rose Bowl against the University of Southern California were he ran for 300 yards and passed for 300 more in the 63-61 win over the number one ranked college football team in the nation. During his college career he passed for 19000 yards and ran for 4000 more.

Carter’s NFL years[edit]

Billy Carter was picked third in the 1972 NFL by the Atlanta Falcon’s. During his rookie year Carter won Super Bowl VII against the Ottawa Senators. He would return 5 times over the next 9 years, winning twice. Later in his NFL career, Carter became involved in organized crime and began point shaving. If the Falcon were favored to win he would throw the game and receive a huge pay out. It was estimated that Billy Carter made $36 million on top of what the Falcon’s were paying him in the 1979 season. Just after winning the 1979 NFC Championship game against the Chicago Bears (the Falcons were underdogs), Carter was overheard on the phone making a deal with the top Miami drug lord to let the Miami Dolphins win the Super Bowl by an unnamed CNN Informant. The story was out in less than 2 hours. The NFL had to investigate, the allegation. Billy Carter later admitted to point shaving and betting on NFL games. Here’s what he told a WSB channel 2 reporter, “Seriously, what can they do about it…. my brother is the president of the United States and the owner of the Atlanta Soulja Boys…the NFL can't crank dat.” In Super Bowl XIII against the Miami Dolphins he rushed for -80 yards and threw 15 interceptions in the 56-7 loss to Miami. Jimmy Carter with pressure from the Atlanta media and the Atlanta public was forced to fire his brother, 1979 would be his full NFL season. On top of that, the NFL fined Billy Carter $5,000,000.

The later years[edit]

During Billy Carter’s later years he became a drug trafficker working for the same Miami drug lord that got him kicked out of the NFL. He regularly made trips down to Colombia and Cuba in his private jet making deals with South American and Caribbean Drug Lords. This job paid him the same amount as the Atlanta Falcons did. On July 5, 1982, Billy Carter (or "Spud") was gunned down in front of his Star Island mansion, by a competing Cuban drug trafficker driving a Lincoln Town Car Limousine. Carter was 32.