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Billy West is considered "next in line" for the President of the United States of America, since President Bush has been eaten by a pack of hungry models.

Billy was born.. too far back to remember. History sources tell Uncyclopedia that he was born in the days of Black and White (Colour wasn't invented untill the late 1900's).

Billy worked on the Coward Stern show. He was best known as the voice actor in a thing called Ben and Trippy. The creator of the show ended up being fired because of "too many" Nose Goblins. His biggest inspirations to his work are the Three Stooges and all the old comedians-Not Charlie Chaplin of course. He was mute.

His best known character is Phillip J Fry in the short lived greatest cartoon series the world has ever seen. Since the return of Puke-r-ama, Billy has finally decided to shave and cover up that hole in his couch.

Futurama follows the chrirogenically frozen (French") Fry who wakes up a thousand year's later only to discover he hadn't grown any mold.

Several Cartoonist's wrists have suffered permanent (If not lethal) injury from trying to draw as fast as Billy West improvised.

Billy West was ordered never to improvise Zoidberg's lines again. Apparently the cartoonist's eyes have turned cross-eyed from laughing so much. When Billy West refused to stop improvising, Fox never re-ordered episodes of Futurama. Billy West then proceded to sue Fox for disputing artistic freedoms. The court case has yet to come.

Where is he now?[edit]

Billy West's guitar is sitting with cob-webs after the Return of Futurama, comic con's, the boosted population of the Billy West-forum and frequent appearances on the Adam Carolla-show.

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