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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Greedy?

Bisexual bi·sex·u·al [bahy-sek-shoo-uhl] -- the romantic and/or sexual attraction to two vices at the same time, Lust and Greed. Bisexual are also known as Greedy. Bisexuals tend to be agnostic biathletes with a strong attraction toward mulattoes, griffins, half-and-half creamer, purple, and anything Hegelian. Note that 80% of admitted bisexuals are active pornstars.


  • Admitting that an orgasm is an orgasm.


If caught in time, bisexuality can be cured by meat injections. The belief that bisexuality is communicable by a dirty toilet seat is untrue. That's Ebola. The disease is characterized by several symptoms:

  • 50% less free weekend and leisure time
  • acquiring friends with benefits
  • sudden onset of being an attention whore
  • production of art and/or poetry
  • making out with everyone, even you
  • extremely sore genitalia
  • interest in paganism or witchcraft
  • being a girl between the ages of 12-21 who weighs over 250lbs.
  • Creating an account on UnCyclopedia
  • Causing instant seizures to people who look at you
Two Bisexual Males....or are they females? They're Goths so it's kinda hard to tell.

Those At High Risk[edit]


Many scientists are trying to figure ways to make every women bisexual, without making them lesbians. The scientist who would figure this out would become the most praised man in history. J. Michael Bailey is currently believed to be the front-runner, having already succeeded in eliminating those gross bisexual men.


<poll> All your base are belong to us! All Emos are Bisexual All Goths are Bisexual All Girls are Bisexual Everybody is Bisexual YOU ARE BISEXUAL!!! </poll>

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