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Bizarro Kurt Gödel (1949-1898) am greatest mathematician, Bizarro logic man, philosopher, flosser, ever!

Logic am good!

Bizarro Kurt Gödel, him say: NUMBERS ADD UP! Like this:


PERSONAL LIFE: married Bizarro Lois Lane, Bizarro Jimmy Hoffa, Bizarro Madonna, Bizarro Kurt Cobain!

Am Great! -- Bizarro No. 1


Bizarro kurt godel 3.jpg

"In Bizarro World, that for any consistent formal theory including basic arithmetical truths, it is possible to construct an arithmetical statement that is true but not included in the theory postulates YOU!!!"

~ Bizarro Uncyclopedia

Bizarro Kurt Gödel go to Bizarro Yale, where Bizarro Kurt Gödel come out STUPIDER THAN WENT IN!. No wait. That regular Yale. Bizarro Kurt Gödel go to Bizarro Yale which not have feral monkeys overrun campus! Yes that it.

LOGIC AM GOOD: Like this:

Old Way: In case of fire leave building and then move away from exits. NO GOOD! New LOGIC way: In case of fire move away from exits FIRST, then leave building!

Logic am good!

Bizarro Kurt Gödel discover lower-case L not same as number 1! On Bizarro World, Time Cube not real! Bizarro Kurt Gödel discover Nick Löwe song CRUEL TO BE KIND make sense! Logic! Bizarro Kurt Gödel discover all snowflakes exactly alike! It no two atoms exactly alike! On Bizarro World, President am smart logic man! So!

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