Black Dumo

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Black Dumo

The promotional poster for Black Dumo.
Directed by Optimus Prime
Produced by Dr. Evil
Release date(s) November 15, 2009
Running time 96 minutes
Language American
Budget $120,000

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Black Dumo is an award winning comedy directed by Optimus Prime and written by "That Dude Who Made DragonBall Z". Black Doom stars as the title character, an independent-minded alien, confronting an unplanned pregnancy and the numerous other events that put pressures of human life onto him. Shadow the Hedgehog, Cream the Rabbit, and Sonic the Preggo also star in this film. The movie was mostly filmed on Haley's Comet as well as small parts of Canada.

The film has won various awards including the Piss Off Award, and the award for best supporting actor (Michael Moore). The film's soundtrack featuring songs by Jerry Seinfeld was the number one soundtrack in the universe for a total of 36 years.

Black Dumo has also received much praise and criticism from conservatives and liberals alike, due to dealing of various issues including: bestiality, tentacle rape, working at McDonalds, and racism against black aliens.


Two-thousand-sixteen-year-old alien overlord Black Dumo, discovers he's pregnant with a hedgehog baby, fathered by long time homosexual lover Gerald Robotnik. At first he plans to have an abortion, but later decides to keep the baby after realizing that children are a great tax deduction, (and also because the dynamite they stuck up his man-gina wasn't able to penetrate his hard foreskin). But soon after realizing how much diapers cost in this recession, Black Dumo decides he will give the child up for adoption. He searches the tabloids for a suitable parent, and eventually decides upon Angelina Jolie, figuring she already has thousands of kids, what difference will one more make?

Black Dumo soon meets Jolie and they get along greatly (after initially fighting a round of fistycuffs). Jolie talks to the baby in Black Dumo's man-womb only to be kicked by it so hard that she goes flying through the roof of her mansion. Afterword Black Dumo spends a increasing amount of time with Brad Pitt. Pitt tells Dumo that he wishes to a zebra. Dumo and Pitt start hanging out more and more often (due to their mutual love of zebras, Dumo loving them cause they're black and white, and Pitt loving them becauses, he's bat shit crazy).

Dumo struggles with his feelings between Gerald and Pitt. Gerald admits that he loves Black Dumo, but that Dumo broke his heart when he told him that they couldn't be together, "cause aliens and humans don't go right together... kinda like dicks and pussies, or pickles and apples, or Bush and Obama." Gerald suspects that Dumo has feelings for him, but is unable to admit to them, due to the fact that he has no mouth.

Jolie returns from her voyage in outer-space only to find out that Pitt has run away to the wild to live life naked and free like the zebra he is, and that he even went as far as to get zebra testicles transplanted onto himself. Shocked, Jolie burns down the house they once lived in, but not before finding a note left by Dumo.

Dumo (after some serious drinking thinking) decides he does have feelings for Gerald, and after a heartfelt talk they agree to want to be together. Later that day Gerald attends a science meeting (see boring), and discusses the potential impact of ass-warmers on the global warming myth problem. Noticing that Dumo isn't in the audience (no one is except the janitor cause he has nothing else to do till he gets off work), he realizes he must be in labor and rushes to the hospital (albeit very slowly, due to his fatness, along with the fact that he had to stop at Dunkin' Donuts and gets something deep fried and smothered in chocolate). When he arrives at the hospital he finds that Dumo has already given birth to a baby hedgehog named Shadow. When Jolie comes to claim the baby after reading Dumo's note (it read "You can't have my baby BIATCH!), Dumo shoots Jolie in the head, and gets an award from the president. Dumo then moves in with Gerald and they live together on the Space Colony Ark.


The trailer for Black Dumo can be viewed below.


Adam West originally wrote the very first version of the film (he would later have his script stolen by "That Dude Who Made DragonBall Z") with long time friend Howard the Duck. After reading the story Howard threw in a bunch of random elements including the adoption and the part where Dumo gets pregnant. Together the two approached 20th Century Fox and the film was greenlighted (Fox used putting big risks on crap). At this point extensive rewriting began. West would go to bars every night for seven weeks and ask gay prostates ideas for the film (figuring that giving up their ideas isn't too much different from giving up their bodies).

West sent the film to his good friend Optimus Prime. Prime felt that he needed the work, and that he would have no choice but to direct the film, no matter how racist towards machines it might be. Prime did get one scene changed though. In the original script it called for Dumo to yell out "Death To Machines" while taking a Terminator robot, stuffing it into an oven, turning it on, buring the house down, then blowing up the entire planet. Prime pointed out that this scene was incredibly racist, as well as the fact that it made no sense, and changes were soon made.

Adam West, gathering ideas at his favorite gay bar.


The film received a mixed reception by critics. Some liked the way Dumo treated interracial-interspecial relationships, while others thought it was a mockery of Koran (even though the Koran was not once mentioned in the film, except for the scene where Dumo burns the Koran while dancing on Muhammad's grave while shouting obsentities in the Arabic language). The film has also garnered support from various alien groups for the portrayal of actually alien problems and every day alien life. Some of these groups include "Gays for E.T.", "ALFs anonymous" and "Jar-Jar for president".


  • Although Michael Jackson is listed as a supporting actor in the credits, only his nose actually appears in the film.
  • There is a book that takes place after the movie called "Shadow Has Two Daddies".
  • To shoot the scenes where Black Doom's character Dumo is pregnant, they used a body double (Oprah) who was ugly and fat enough to portray Dumo.
  • This is the only Sonic film where a actually celebrity is murdered on screen, outside of "Knuckles Celebrity Smackdown!"
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