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“She's not a lesbian...but her girlfriend is”

~ A person singing along to Black and Yellow



Another option is to talk to a doctor if one does not understand what it is.

Uh-Huh. You know what it is. Although many people claim they do not know what it is, the experts have stated that 1 in every 45 Americans do, in fact, know what it is. This phrase is supposed to have originated from the minds of influential people. It has lasted the trials of time and weather, and it still stands today as a reminder of what being a civilian is all about. Older forms of this phrase are still required in order to explain to the other 44 Americans what it is. One such form is "You know what it is what it is, When we do what we do.", another form stemming from Latin, "It is what it is". If you, or another person, still does not understand what it is, try reading this guide on using vague pronouns that refer to themselves.

I Hear They Scared of it...[edit]

When it comes to Black and Yellow, Fear is one thing that everyone agrees on, but Don't Panic, here are some things that are Black and Yellow. Knowing what to expect can help you prepare to re-paint these fearful items.

  • The colour scheme of this page is Black and Yellow
  • Many Road Signs
  • Lemons (The seeds are black)
  • The Uncyclopedia Logo
  • Caution Tape
  • Certain Stoplights
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers

The only thing on this list that needs special attention is lemons.


Yellow is most oftentimes associated with danger, this is very reason why Lemons are yellow. Some people, mostly small children, think that by squeezing the juice out of a lemon, all the harmful properties are removed, thus making it able to be sold for profit. However, this is not so because the juice just so happens to be the most dangerous part of a lemon. This is because Every Villain is Lemons. One can become a hero and defeat this Super Villian (Lemons) by following these steps:

  1. Hop into the nearest BMW Z3 roadster, or other compact-like vehicle.
  2. Pick-up a Chain-Loaded Nerf Gun, (preferably a Black and Yellow one), and attach a rope to it so you can wear it like a sash.
  3. Proceed at 350km/hr to the nearest Lemonade stand in a nearby suburban housing development.
  4. Upon arrival, slow up/down, but not by much.
  5. Began to shoot the nerf darts at the Cashier, lemonade jug, and the stand itself.

For more instruction, see How to win a Nerf Gun fight.

Hit the Petal Once, Make the Floor Shake[edit]

Upon first listening to the song, many listeners are 104.7% sure that the singer is describing a car, or some type of transportation device. While this is true on some levels, the singer is also describing the copious amounts of Sunflowers that are in his vehicle. One sunflower is of particular notice, as the singer/driver replaced the gas pedal with one of the petals from it. This technique, knows as Flower Power, utilizes the magical properties of the sunflower to power the car. Even though the market price of sunflowers is much more than the average person makes in a leap year, Many people have done this to their car by ripping out the existing gas pedal, and substituting it with a rose petal, or sometimes even the entire rose is used to prevent explosion. The advantages of Flower Power are:

  • The car will never need fuel again.
  • One can attain speeds of up to 900 lbs/sec.
  • Use will make the car smell of flowers.
  • During a zombie apocalypse, Zombies will actually be repelled by the car.
  • The car becomes invisible to police officers

Check to see if the use of Flower Power is legal in a country before performing this life-saving operation on a vehicle.

So Many Rocks up in my Watch[edit]

When one first purchases a watch, specifically a Black and Yellow one, the first thing one must do is take large amounts of super glue, and begin gluing various object to it, to create that you-know-what-it-is effect. A popular item to use is rocks. The idea is that one ends up gluing so many rocks to the watch that the concept of time becomes rocky; that when one wears the watch, they will not exist in time, but rather in their own little world. Please note that if someone is seen wearing this, one will not be able to communicate with them as you would any other person. In order to communicate with them, one will need to acquire some very low bass. While this task is usually left to the professionals, everyone can do it! (Don't try this at home...try it somewhere else) All one needs to do is sneak in to a nearby High School or Junior High band room. Once inside, remove all the bass drums, microphones, and speakers. Place them on a trailer that is being pulled by green 1981 Accord. Hook the microphones up to the speakers and secure the microphone in front of the bass drums. Hire people of the side of the road to beat the bass drums steadily as you drive through town, bringing tears of joy to everyone! (The loudness of the bass will wake the rock-watch wearing person from their trance).

Black and Yellow [x4][edit]

When asking any song writer whether repetition is useful, they will say or most likely sing, "Repetition is key, my friend, Repetition..[A random backtrack will start playing: dun dun dun dun]...Repetition...[dun dun]...Reeepppetition....[Dun-Dun-Dun, Dun-Dun-Dun, Psh, Dun]". This little jingle says that every song has repetition, however, in this song, Black and Yellow, the word black is mentioned 49 times, and the word yellow is mentioned 78 times. (In order to get all of the number of instances of the word yellow, mismatch syllables from other words.) If the song had taken advantage of repetition, these numbers would be increased ten fold. So, if one thinks that the song just simply repeats itself over and over, remind him/her that it is in no way like the song, This is my Swag, in which that is the only phrase in the song. Yes, the song Black and Yellow, does not use repetition, but rather, intuition, to guide it to the top of the charts.