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The Black Power are a New Zealand gang that believe that they are black and have power. At first some of them may appear black but they are really outcast kiwis angry at a third world social system that disallows their favourite sport being little boy fiddlers.

Apart from the aforementioned group, "Black Power" is also a human rights activist group that can, on average, produce upto 1000 watts per hour. 85 per cent of the United States' production of power is generated from the black stuff, which is less than the 100 per cent of everything that was produced by black power until the abolition of forced black power sometime in the nineteenth century.

The Beginning[edit]

Black Power was formed by angry semi black outcasts angry at Britain because they did not realize muskets and blankets were not worth their country after they signed their deal to sell it over. It is believed that many of their members were and are gay and were predominantly Maori. In reality, Black Power members simply take 24 hours longer in a tanning bath than we do, hence their appearance is black.

Black Power Today[edit]

Started in Glen innes as a product of early maori urbanism, Black power formed together as a result of frustration of not being taught how to handle the new way and culture of life in the fast paced "city" compared to the slow subsistence lifestyle they lived in their iwi and in some cases pacific island. The gang has since evolved and now traffic drugs fire arms and other illegal substances working in conjunction with other New Zealand gangs also from Glen innes (The Head hunters) who were origanally enemmies but now friends via the dollar. Most of these gangs have Rugby League teams in the senior As auckland rugby league competition and have since become more business based. you do see the stupid old lady hand bag greabbing thug but things have changed.


Black Power like to buy up property in your local neighbourhood and call these Pads. Within this pad they will get discombobulated and block the odd passerby being teens and the children in the area caught alone while also providing a 24 hour source of drug supply.


Using the various 10, 20, and 50 cent coins that the Black Power members find under sofa pillows and the seats of other peoples vehicles they are, once a year, able to buy cheap cars of their own with a healthy ratio of 1 car to 50 members. This ownership traditionally lasts a week at the most, depending on the time it takes the collective owners to figure out that they can't rape it, intimidate it or afford to fill it with petrol.