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A block of text is one with no formatting or spaces between paragraphs and sentences and probably has no grammar or punctuation whatsoever this make it really hard to read and your eyes will start to wander although there might be a random link in the middle of the page although likely as not it will not be a real link noobs make blocks of text all the time also something that makes it harder to read are spelin errrs and random words which don't detachable scrotum lag sadism belong anywhere which are usually linked and seeded by people who want to promote their articles in unrelated pieces of text block zomg rofl my face is meeeeelting haha blocks of text are to be avoided by one and all since they serve no useful purpose other than to annoy and sap you of your will thank you and goodnight also see: Blocks of text are often deleted on sight, so people might plead with admin's not to kill their crappy article outright please don't delete this! pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!! also this is reallly small on a page but since text blockers cant format they leave out stub templates and shiz you see already this could have a no redeeming value template on it but i do not know until i say save which makes it a quantum experiment really lets see no reddeming value or no no redeeming value we will have to see.