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The BlueJ logo

BlueJ or BlueGay was developed by Kent University as a tool to confuse students about java. Their goal was to have every programming student in the United States learn Java, a programming language, on their software. Already, many schools in the US have switched to the software, fooled by its "easy to use" interface.



BlueJ is a fairly new program. The idea was first thought of by actor Tom Cruise. According to Cruise, Dr. Phillip Richardson, a professor from Kent University overheard him discussing his ideas for BlueJ to his pet boa constrictor. Richardson, with a team of programmers, created BlueJ off of Cruise's ideas. Cruise eventually got wind of the project. Needless to say the lawsuit is still pending.


Sublimal Messaging[edit]

A more devious twist in the software, BlueJ uses recent technological advances to impliment subliminal messaging. This can be proven from the amount of zombies seen walking around public schools these days.


Many people have been known to start cursing Kent University and anything related to it the moment BlueJ begins to load. Some have even gone as far as go to the Kent webpage in hopes of some kind of sabatoge.

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Urban Legends[edit]

It is rumored that BlueJs are mere Galapagos Finches exposed by Darwinists to harmful chemicals and radiations in a controlled laboratory environment. It was alleged that Darwinists have a hidden grudge on programmers because of their close ties with Intelligent Design theorists.