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“Little do the Uncyclopedians know that all the slanderous filth on the Elmo page was written entirely by me! Muhahahahaha!!!”

~ Blue Elmo on Elmo
Blue Elmo enjoying some fine cuisine
He eats humans for breakfast!

Blue Elmo is Elmo's evil twin, notorious for committing strange and terrible acts disguised as his brother Elmo, in attempt to ruin Elmo's reputation. So far, his plans are a success. He also ran for president in 1587 and became president in 1588.


Blue Elmo was born and raised in Sesame Street along with Elmo. However, he was severely abused as a child, leaving him incredibly miserable and ornery. In his teenage years, he decided to take out his fury on the world. More importantly, he decided to take the most of his wrath out on Elmo. Ever since, Blue Elmo has led an awful and corrupt lifestyle, taking pictures of himself dressed as Elmo doing all sorts of vile acts, leaving Elmo the target of ridicule. The most shocking part of all this is that few people even know that it's Blue Elmo causing such controversy. In fact, almost everybody thinks it's Elmo. This also led Blue Elmo finding communism and he hated, so he now is on a campaign to stop the entire Republic of Russia! This has caused an enormous uprising against all fellow blue creatures, including - Grover, Cookie monster and, surprisingly, Abbi the witch, and it is the Russians who want to assassinate Blue Elmo, so Blue Elmo plans to dye is brother in a vat of blue liquid, so that Blue Elmo can keep reigning terror over the quiet and calm Sesame Street.

List of Blue Elmo's Vile Acts[edit]

  • Forming a subculture known as the Elmos.
  • Appearing in a string of bondage flicks under the screenname of "Ron Jeremy."
  • Feeding crack to underage kittens.
  • Joining the Nazi party and claiming it was Elmo, not him.
  • Eating sweet, plump, scrumptious...babies.
  • Getting his brother Elmo addicted to goat crack.
  • Raping Luxembourg.
  • Convicted of assasinating Mr. Snuffleupagus
  • Completely destroying the original Elmo article.(But the good news is that an old one is back on track, Watch out petes bete!)
  • Saying The Forbidden Word
  • Suicide bombing an Orphanage
    What a fuzzy little terrorist!

Recent Years[edit]

With each scandal, Elmo was successfully framed for each one, much to Blue Elmo's sadistic delight. To this day, this sick, twisted, horrible muppet's planning his next act for the sole purpose of offending the public and and ruining Elmo's life. Even so, Blue Elmo has apparently been on "evil-doing hiatus" during the last few months. According to the BBC, he has finally realised that he's been giving Elmo a bad name for no reason. According to other sources, though, he has not left continuing his evil activities out of the question. Rumor even has it that he's writing a book called "Liberals Are Commies" under the pen name of "Definitely Not Blue Elmo." However, nobody quite knows for sure what this degenerate muppet is really up to.

Blue Elmo Today[edit]

Blue Elmo has now realized that he doesn't need to frame Elmo to be famous. Now he thinks he should rape several women in order to have fame. His first successful rape was with Jessie of Team Rocket and got her pregnant (she is currently in her 7th month). Now he plans on raping NiGHTs, Princess Peach, Prairie Dawn, and Abby Cadabby.It is rumored that he has met with Tekashi69 to plan of commiting rape againt several thirteen - year olds and also getting the addicted to weed and crack. 6ix 9ine gave us a quote, and he said - "Thanks to my nibba Elmo, we high as hell!"

Blue Elmos Videos[edit]

[In hes Elmo disguise]

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