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“And my name is Bobby Brown”

Bob Brown(0.13614462 of March - 54 of December 2005) was the man who discovered what Many a thing is.

Youth Days[edit]

On the 0.13614462th of March 2005 Bob Brown was born. As a child Bob looked like Mr Hitler (see picture) and every time he raised his arm in the Nazi way it would always get stuck. This lead to bullying by Osama Bin Larden the younger. Bob went to MTRX school which gave him many of the skills that he would use in later life. Some of them are:

How to use the Matrix

How to kill a computer

And most inportantly: how to make Harry Potter do backflips.

Research and Marridge[edit]

Soon after leaving school (approximently 12.473659426587587467645375672657246573658 days) he fell in love with Bobette and the next day when they were going to get married some child walked in the shot Bobette in the head. Meanwhile Bob used his Matrix skills to take 236507647645640705674567456746567050467567674660464564565474657566281568263982292759365346835823093259348504306040602075030604264004264040650426542065024505032504353506560546026527 photos of the killer (see pictrure). The killer is believed to be living in Happyland at the present time.

Bob was so shocked by this that he started research on many a thing which he would do for the rest of his life. A few days before his death he wrote his life story, it went as follows:

Hello, I'm Bob Brown. Many good, bad and miscellaneous things have happened in my life. In my next few years to come I think I will discover what many a thing is.


On the 54 of December Bob discovered what many a thing is but because many a thing is so huge and therefore can't be understood his head became to big and exploded (someone took a video of this happening, see video).


He was 4365675686764856375687365436563876536565mm high.

He had the rare disease called chicken socks

which meant that he would grow up very fast therefore meaning that he only had 31.45687546657136561356485637654165136475676541674657467674647647164164761641376164137865476476457687654756864567643764563 hours to live after he died.

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