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Bob Ezrin is a fairly unknown rock producer because he has been working behind the screens a lot. He was the genius behind such classics as 'Nightmares Are Pleasant Dreams', 'Me, The Destroyer' (both albums of Glen 'Buxton' Furnier) and 'Man In The Middle of the Road' and 'Between Walls' (both albums of The Cybernauts). [1]

The Beginning Years[edit]

Bob Ezrin was born in 1677 and his parents were Albert Ezrin also known as Albert Einstein and Mary Dol Popovich. He inherited the genius mind of his father, but instead of deploying it in the need of science, Ezrin already chosed on a young age to use it for music. He started playing the piano at the age of 4 and went on to the guitar when he was 6 and when he was 8 years old the drums were his main interest. In 1687 when he was 10, he got the great idea to incorporate thrilling experiences into music. At the same time Alice Cooper was incorporating horror theatrics into music. Because their idea's were similar to some degree some people expected them to clash but they've become great friends over the years.

First Steps As A Manager[edit]

Five years later in 1692 Bob made up his mind that it was time to manage a real band. He came into touch with Glen 'Buxton' Furnier through a good friend of him named Dennis Dunaway. Together with Thomas the Skeleton and Nick Hasnobrain they decided to start a band. Glen became the singer and guitarist, Dennis became the bassist, Thomas became the rythm guitarist and Nick became the drummer of the band. With the idea's floating of haunting tunes to thrill the audience Bob started to make the band a big hit. The receivement of the first album was not good because people were not ready yet for screaming into the microphone and guitar duels. One of the most acclaimed music critics at the time Dank Petersen said about it: 'The sounds on the album 'Yell And Raise Your Arms' are like those of a bunch of people that are in hell and being tortured!' The band got banned in England, The USA, Germany and Australia. Because of this most of the band members starting to smoke pot. But Bob was not one to give up yet! picture of bandmember Thomas the Skeleton smoking pot

Succesfull Years with Glen[edit]

After the first album Bob decided it was time to produce a nightmare set on music. He convinced Glen that it would work and together they wrote classics such as 'The Black Female Spider', 'I Only Bleed In Dreams' and 'Women Are Cool In Bed Because They're Dead'. The title of the album became 'Nightmares Are Pleasant Dreams' and it went instant platinum gold. Much to the dismay of Dank Petersen who critised the group for being satanists straight from hell. The follow up 'Me, The Destroyer' was equally succesfull and the band reached an enormous state of fame. Here beneath a picture of Glen 'Buxton' Furnier:

After The Rise There Is The Fall[edit]

After this the decline came in. Somehow Bob got addicted to pot, probably because of the band members and he would be stoned for 24 hours a day. The next 3 albums were totally rubbish and Bob got so desperate that he let Glen title one album 'Give Me Some Recognation, I Beg You'. But the audience was harsh and under the lead of Dank they served him off with a truck of shit being splashed down on Bob's house. He had to live with the smell of it for years!!

The Cybernauts[edit]

Mick Ronson at the time, was the frontman of the Cybernauts and in search of a new producer. Glen advised him to call Bob because Glen was pursueing a solo career. He didn't want to go through with his bandmates and Bob. So Mick called Bob and Bob thought it would be good to change of band. Maybe his genius mind would recover from it. And indeed he was right, they produced the classic albums 'Man In The Middle Of The Road' and 'Between Walls'.

The Aftermath[edit]

A few years after 'Between Walls' Bob Ezrin disseapered from the face of the earth and nobody has a clue where he went. He was busy working on a new album with Mick when he was nowhere to be found anymore. Something fishy about it is the fact that Dank moved out of the orbit of earth and deceided to live among the Martians on Mars around the same time. Could it be that Dank was so insanely jealous that he murdered Bob and flee to Mars? picture of the lunatic Dank Petersen

  • However in recent years rumours has it that Cheryl Ladd wants him as her manager to pursue a career as singer. There seems to have been contact between her and Bob. So that must mean that Bob is alive and still out there somewhere.