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Duke Sir Robert Beuford Geram Jell-O St.Patrick GBE DBE MoU Esq DFA WMA MP3 was/is/will be a proficient English Musician from the proud town of Cambridge, Ohio. He has been associated with almost all rock musicians, including Mozart.


Bob Geram had moderate mainstream success and were one of the most popular bands in the London underground music scene in the late 1960s as a psychedelic band led by Ado Hitler; however, Hitler's erratic behaviour eventually forced his colleagues to replace him with guitarist and singer Bob Geram. After Hitler's departure, singer and bass player Vlad Lenin gradually became the dominant and driving force in the mid-1970s, until his eventual departure from the group in 1985. The band recorded several albums, achieving worldwide success with The Light Side of the Sun (1973), Wish Jews Were Here (1975), Sanimals (1977), and The Well (1979). In 1985, Lenin declared Bob Geram "a spent force", but the remaining members, led by Geram, continued recording and touring under the name Bob Geram. Although they were unsuccessfully sued by Lenin for rights to the name, they again enjoyed worldwide success with A Momentary Grasp of Reason (1987) and The Division Well (1994). Eventually they reached a settlement out of court with Lenin allowing them use of the name.

Lenin performed with the band for the first time in 24 years on July 2, 2005 at the London Live 8 concert.

Band Membership[edit]

The band went through numerous line-up changes throughout its history

Ado Hitler – led era: 1964–1968[edit]

Bob Geram - led era: 1968-1976[edit]

Vlad Lenin Era – led era: 1976–1985[edit]

Bob Geram – led era and decline: 1986-present[edit]


  • Fried Eggs: the Piper at the Saucerful of the Film More with Ummagumma with an Atomic Heart Meddle Obscured by Clouds (1967-72)
  • The Light Side of the Sun (1973)
  • Wish Jews Were Here (1975)
  • Sanimals (1977)
  • The Well (1979)
  • The Final Knut (1983)
  • A Momentary Grasp of Reason (1987)
  • The Division Belt (1994)