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Bob Jones University, also known as simply "The University", was founded on September 12, 1947. Its purpose was to combat the teachings of Liberals, Catholics, Communists, and most of all, The Jews (students pronounce the phrase "Za Jewz" out of respect of The Fuhrer). The school became known for its radical teachings and rules, like the policy about bi-racial dating, or the rule that no Catholics are allowed on campus. Bob Jones Sr. even said,

    "I would rather see a Nig*er in the White House than see a Catholic on this holy land of a campus."
Students at Bob Jones University observe a strict dress code.

BJU has ties to the Ku Klux Klan and the Southern Organization of Bible-Thumping Gorilla Fucks, as well as The Third Reich and Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

   "Did Hitler really do anything wrong?"
                     -Bob Jones Sr., circa. 1944

BJU observes many odd traditions during the school year. Some include: The Annual Reading of a passage of "Mein Kampf", The Annual Stoning of gays, Denying Sexual Abuse Allegations, and Expelling rape victims '(See GRACE Report) '


Bob Jones Sr. made 3 things clear: He hated Saloons, Catholics, and Nig*ers.

         "I would rather see a Saloon on every corner than see a Catholic president"

Bob Jones Sr. liked to have his quotes put up on boards in classrooms, so that he could brainwash students with his doctorine. Examples of said quotes are:

"Skip class, eat ass" "Wouldn't the NAACP like to get their hand on Nig*er hatin me", "Visible knees are the staples of a whorish woman", "Thou shalt not associate with Catholics", "Hitler was the only man that turned bad Jews into good Jews", and "F*ck Catholics"

The current President of BJU is Steve Pettit, who enjoys activies like-living in Montebello while he pays employess sub-minimum wage, forgetting to file reports of sexual abuse among students, and hiring rapists onto his grounds crew.

Steve Pettit regularly reads passages from the Book of Bob. Some of his favorite passages are I Bob chapter 3 verse 69 "Virgin life is the only life," II Bob chapter 8 verse 3 "Skinny jeans are sinny jeans," and III Bob chapter 12 verse 4 "Music should move your heart not your hips."

Students at Bob Jones University observe a strict dress code.

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