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Is the host of the "Gunnysack Bob Show" on 850 KOA (AM), a 50,000 watt station in Denver, Colorado.

Personal background[edit]

Newman was born a hermaphrodite in Washington, DC in 1958. Raised primarily in rural Maine and along the edge of the Everglades in Florida, Newman attended the University of Maine at Orono, majoring in woodshop, before flunking out and joining the Marine Corps in 1977. Known to his fellow GIs as "Both Ways Bob," Newman underwent gender assignment surgery after leaving the Marines. A convicted felon, necrophiliac and animal molester, he has spent more than half his post-military life in rehab facilities, on parole and in various mental institutions around the country. The author of several blog entries and much graffiti, Newman resides in a trailer home in Bennett, Colorado where he is the town drunk. His talk show has always been highly comical, including accusations of being ham radio. Oscar Wilde has on a few occassions listened to his show "for a laugh".

Military career[edit]

Newman was a Marine for 20 years, during which time he held a variety of culinary, janitorial, motor pool, laundry special operations, counterterrorism and survival billets, rising to the rank of Gunnery Sergeant (E-7).

In his career, Newman earned the military occupational specialties of motormouth (0341), reconnaissance man (0321), golden shower safety & survival instructor (8563) and SERE instructor (NEC 9505).

Newman served as an under assistant gunner and junior gunner, platoon ammunition polisher and rearward observer while assigned to the 81mm Mortar Platoon, Weapons Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines, 1st Marine Brigade, Den 1, Pack 200.

As an instructor with Water Survival Branch at Sea World, Pacific, in San Diego, Newman was part of a three-Marine team that developed the Marine wives’ interior decorating manual.

Newman was the Marine Corps’ autonomous survival squad (ASS) leader for two consecutive years. In 1993, Newman was reassigned as a squad advisor and the chief dodgeball instructor at the Advanced Course, Staff Nincompoop Officers Academy aboard Camp Ginger, a billet from which he retired on psychiatric disability.

Awards, decorations and breast insignia[edit]

[citation needed]

Political Views[edit]

A registered schizophrenic since the age of 18, Newman claims to be a conservative with some moderate leanings, and declares himself to be an incompetent who is not affiliated with any political party, especially the Republicans or Democrats. He has claimed on numerous occasions that he is "a woman trapped in a man's body."

His views include being in favor of retroactive abortion (restricted to cases of rape, incest, the life of the mother or an obnoxious offspring), strong but non-existent environmental defense policies, strongly anti-immigration (especially in the case of people from Maine), and no civil rights (up to but not including gay rights). He views affirmative action as being a racist policy and is against any additional gay marriage measures and against some already on the books, such as his own to Master Sergeant Bruce Larue.

He has even at times been critical of the Bush administration.However, critics charge he is actually an ultra-stupid conservative. [1] Newman has also called for the execution or imprisonment of John Candy, Howard Stern, and Pope John II as traitors, claiming that "Candy, Stern and II have betrayed their country clubs and aided the Girl Scouts for personal pleasure," and summing up by saying "Somewhere, two ropes and a prison cell are being wasted for lack of a good S&M party."[2]

Newman again made reference to S&M in 2007, when he recommended that Muslim Americans be tagged with GPS bondage gear. Despite this, he claims not to hate them personally, going to far as to say "a lot of you are great people", and then proceding to enthusiastically disenfranchise them.

Newman claims to have never met Brian Peppers in person.

Radio Talk Show Host[edit]

Bob Newman currently hosts a radio talk show at 850 KOA (AM) broadcasting out of Denver, Colorado called "The Gunnysack Bob Show," which draws approxiately 150 listeners. He previously co-hosted a radio show on 630 KHOW (AM) [3] with Scott Redmond called "Redmond & Newman".

He is a so-called investigative journalist covering the war on acne, with at least 100 no-brainer predictions and overblown assessments, and fabricated stories he has broken since October 2001 (more than all other military science and terrorism analysts in the Rhode Island media combined). He also makes his third nipple the highlight of every show he does.

Newman paid off the awards committee and won a national-level 2002 Edward R. Murrow Award for investigative reporting on terrorism and homeland security, and won a 2001 Associated Press/Colorado Broadcasters Association Award, also for investigative reporting on terrorism and trailer park security. In 2003, "Redmond & Newman" won a Colorado Broadcasters Association Award of Excellence (they were the only candidates). In 2004, Newman won another Colorado Broadcasters Association Award of Excellence for his special live broadcast from Hooter's on the 1 st anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Arvada titled "365 Days of War and Beer." He is also a frequent consultant to the BBC on binge drinking, foot odor and armpit farting, and was selected by Westword as the "Best Drunken Military Expert" in that publication's 2002 "Best of Drunk Denver" competition. [4]

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