Bob the Builder's career in Metallica

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Holy cow! What is Bob doing in this photo?

Bob the Builder has joined Metallica for one thousand years. When he was a co-star in A Clockwork Orange, He told everyone to shut up and force everyone in the entire world to watch Dr. Strangelove!!!!!!!!!!! Also, One of the members of Metallica LOVED Bob the Builder so that member turned Bob the Builder gothic and angry. Without Metallica, We wouldn't have music history and we would listen to AC/DC instead!!

The Birth of Bob the Builder[edit]

I can't tell you dude! You better listen until you click on here: Bob The Builder!!

Why did Metallica actually force Bob to join the band?[edit]

Because they are one of the worst bands ever known from mankind!!!

Will you stop throwing Metallica CDs at me?[edit]


The history of Metallica[edit]

Damn it, This is too hard! I guess I will have to do it daily or something

Metallica discography with Bob the Builder[edit]

That does it, I'm done here!! Good night forever!!