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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.

“BOGOVICH? that 14 year old boytoy who tries to convince people to be a dictator on the internet? Let him try purging this homosexualist from his juicy little mancherry! ”

~ Oscar Wilde on BOGOVICH


~ Kiwi Hoxhaist from on BOGOVICH

“When revolution come, the Soviet Union shall rise again and glorious dick of Putin will cum revolutionary rhetroic over the proletariat. And then great grandfather Stalin will get cock sucked by Warren Buffet. ”

~ BOGOVICH'S cousin, Richard Simmons, who is a well-known piece of shit

“Fuck off, Boggy. ”

~ Dear Forum Leader Malte from
Евразийский Союз Советских Социалистических Республик
Eurasian Empire Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Glorious Well-endowed Overlord BOGOVICH
Eurasian Empire Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
SAEflag.jpg Bogovich.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Purge Mindworms of entropy!"
Anthem: "Slava Stalina, Beria, Goering und die Strasser-Brüder, Sieg BOGOVICH! Da Smert!"
Capital Koningsberg-Kaliningrad, de facto: BOGOVICH's livingroom
Largest city GULAG, de facto: BOGOVICH's Lego™ Prisoncamp
Official language(s) Soviet English; merger of English and common Russian gramatical errors when speaking english (articles like "the" or "a" are punishable by death)
Government Psuedo-Religeous Fascist Truely Communist Imperial Autocratic Transhumanist Stalinist Internet Forum
National Hero(es) BOGOVICH, RavenBlade (Prairie Fire), Stalin, Beria, Pokemon, Limonov, Goering, Strasser Brothers, Hitler, Ivan the Terrible
 of Independence
July 2008, from evil decadent parental custody of lord BOGOVICH
Currency Holy manly essence of lord BOGOVICH, or "Bogoo"
Religion BOGOVICH, Satanism, Autism, Falun Gong, Pokemon.
Major exports Decadence, j00z, Muslems, Anarcho-Trotskytes, Homosexualists.
Major imports Virtue, Licenced Prostitution, LASERZZZ!!, Videogames.


Prophet Outcast.. BOGOVICH[edit]

KGB Officer Davyd Martynovich Smertin know what to do with those deviants who bare mindworm of entropy .

Glorious BOGOVICH's birth was foretold by swallows and golden stars in sky. Revisionistic anarcho-homosexualists reportably felt stabbin pains in stomach as BOGOVICH came to this earth with red glow of true Stalinism coming off him.

Boggie quickly found out truth about Marxism, he found out that when Karl Marx talked about an equal society, he meant an equal society where everyone worships Bogovich and stones homosexualists while shouting "Stalin be praised!" This truth quickly found followers amongst fans of communism like KGB officers Smertin and Cossack.

Bogovich's great absolute truth was attacked by revisionist scum of leftist internet forum called "revleft". But our glorious reincarnation of general-secretary Stalin himself smited them for being homosexualists.

Bogovich is also jujistu master and once beat off hoards of rampaging homosexualists from spreading bourgeoisie decadence known as rollerskating.

Foundation of the internet anomaly Nation state[edit]

Now that supreme leader Bogovich had started glorious Marx-Lenin-Bogovich thought it was only inevitable he would soon rebuild USSR.

With glorious soviet power and strengh of all anti-homosexualist proletariat he made powerful generic forum site nation for all of world's workers.

Soon while reading Holy Collected Works of St. Stalin and Krutov Manifesto, our honorable chairman Bogovich discovered how to make lazers. Wars[edit]

In 2007 the great Bogovich declared war on the evil counter counter counter revolutionary nation of Revleft (for its promotion of evil homo erotic anarchism and false Marxism). This great conflict ("the final great partiotic war") lasted 5 nano seconds as 90,000,000,000,000 of Bogovich's most loyal Supporters - each more Stalin like than the last - defeated the dengenerate Revleft Army on all fronts. The fighting was made easier by the use of the uber lazers the Great Bogovich invented himself as a means of destroying all homosexual communists.

The victory of the Great Bogovich was so complete that no one dares now speak the name of revleft - "muttering its name is now punishible by absolute gulag trip" (as stated in Vol XXXVII of the works of the Great Bogovich).


Cossack's artful interpretation of creation of laser!!1!

In honorary Soviet motherland of Bogovich culture is very important. Decadent cultures like rollerskating, j00z or homosexualism are banned to perserve pure ones like writing and talking like dork by removing "a", "the" and "an" from English language.

As Vanguard of creative class, BOGOVICH autodidacted himself into being cultivated poet. He used his new found gift to flather "comrade-in-arms" RavenBlade of Hoxhaist Union into procreation to ensure legacy of BOGOVICH dynasty, ridden of mindworms

Oh, no whisper or song could ever make
Justice to Her silken skin
No damage or rumour might forsake
Her unconditional love for Her foreskin
No time would ever take
Her beauty away
Dark as raven She will prevail And capitalists craven Will see end of their tale
A blade of pure steel Cut through revisionist wheel
Ravenblade is thy name


Our glorious commander general-secretary comrade prophet sir Bogovich the 1st has his own set of politics refered to as either Bogovichism, Marx-Lenin-Bogovich thought or Red-Alertism.

CRIME, Vanguard of the creative class[edit]

Vangaurd of world's proletariat is ofcourse mighty CRIME (Communist Revolutionary International Movement of Eurasia), at one point known as CRAP (Communist Revolutionary Action Party) because it exposed crap and filth of bourgeoise degeneracy.

It is now glorious beacon of true masterminds to Marxist theory.


While true God on earth known as Bogovich was impressed by people like Kim Jong Il and Pol Pot he felt he needed to advance their theories to sound even more moronic.

He discovered that words like "a" or "the" are only slowing down revolution and are therefore not needed. Wiping your ass, washing your hands or sex are also all waste of time cause they do not serve supreme prophet Bogovich.

Glorious Bogovich also found out he could cure homosexualists by stoning them. Bogovich said homosexualism was mindworm like abortion or euthanasia and like those thing it's evil.

Nowadays you can support this powerful truth of Bogovichism by shouting "da smert!" at all opponents of dear ruler Bogovich.


Supreme overlord BOGOVICH decided that true socialist economy doesnt help workers but is used to build big golden statues of him all across the country.

He is also big supporter of Juche as he to like hermitism and shouting "death to western world!" [1]

Bogovich (praised be his name) also wants to increase production of mats so people can kneel before him even longer.


Eurasian Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of Glorious Well-endowed Overlord BOGOVICH is great in size. It stretches all way from frontdoor of BOGOVICH's mom's house to backdoor.

It's glorious population of 6 people are hardworking anti-revisionists (except for his 19-year old sister who is homosexualist revisionist and calls commander Bogovich "a dumbass") consisting of his parents, followers (both of them), himself and his revisionistic sister.

Holy nation of Bogovich also allinged himself with great soviet powers like MIM (Maoist Internationalist Movement) and Sizpao Communism and they all have despotic fantasy circlejerks together to create unity between nations.

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