Boiling Pitch Ocean

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Boiling Pitch Ocean, and a few of the unfortunates who've ended up there... Oi! look, its your mom!!! haha!

Six hundred and sixty-six miles beneath Cuba lies the Boiling Pitch Ocean. It's a small ocean as oceans go, studded with lava pinnacles and deposits of brimstone (sulfur).


The BPO has entered religious mythology under the names Hell, Jahannum, Naraka, Hamestagan, Anenti, and many others. Legend populates it with devils and demons. In most religions unbelievers, blasphemers, Peewee Herman, and evildoers are cast into this nether region by the Deities so that they can be magically tortured for all eternity.

Economic Reality[edit]

Most of the legends aremisleading, however. The Boiling Pitch Ocean is not governed by demons, not constructed for the torment of evil people, and not especially supernatural. The creatures who live there simply want to get along, and they have to eat something for goodness' sake.

That something consists of people who have lost their luggage in a major airport and filed a report at the complaint counter. Invariably they are sent to a "special office." However, the inhabitants of the BPO have drilled tunnels through Earth's crust and connected them to the elevator shafts in most airports of any size. When a person tries to use the elevator to reach the "special office" they are transported to the BPO instead. (The denizens of the BPO know darned well that nobody in the airport will ever look for someone who has complained about lost luggage).

Of course, once they reach the Boiling Pitch Ocean their fate is not a happy one. for there hands can fall off

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The deep ocean floor of this area contains many, many of the strange 'black smokers', as well as underwater eruptions of molten lava. So much for natural features.

Thousands of mutilated corpses litter the area, picked down to mere bones by the locals. There are valuables there, however, if one is willing and able to sort through it all. Literally millions of suitcases, briefcases and other luggage gear lie scattered over the Atlantic ooze like an explosion out of a travel agent's office. It is in these that one can find valuables, possibly including money, but only valuables that can survive immersion in pressured water, or those in airtight containers.

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