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Due to a mix-up during the construction of the Globe Theatre, a smaller, secondary stage was constructed just above and to the right of the main stage. Many plays first performed in the Globe contained separate segments to be performed on what became known as the "Bonuse Stage". Most of these sections, however, have been lost.

Defining Characteristics of the Bonus Stage[edit]

The action that took place on the Bonus Stage was of a different character than that on the main stage. Typically, only protagonists would be featured on the stage, often receiving some kind of windfall. The wordless hero would sometimes express this by a pantomime of pulling coins from mid-air.

Other times, the stage would be set with an assortment of fruit and the character's main purpose in the scene would be juxtaposing similar fruits. Scholars believe these scenes served to signify the onset of mental illness, as evidenced by the fact that the actors' heads often exploded after the scene ended.

Reconstructed Examples[edit]

Based on DNA and archaeological evidence, experts believe to have reconstituted several bonus stage segments from major plays.

The Merchant of Venice[edit]

Shylock bounds about with a carving-knife.


Ghosts pop up left and right and Hamlet attempts to knock them down with the only weapon at hand, a sword that glows blue when you've finally gone batshit insane. The sword is glowing a bright blue.

Richard III[edit]

Richard III dances around Lady Anne tempting her with successively larger pieces of fruit, starting with a redcurrant and moving on through blueberries, grapes, and kumquats to taro and a canteloupe. She becomes increasingly uncomfortable.

Not to be confused with[edit]

  • Bonus Stage, an example of how well animated some flash cartoons are, occasionally bad though. Incidentally, it also features a lot of exploding heads. It was pretty kickass and went on for almost ninety episodes until the creator Matt Wilson realized he was creating awesome things and not getting any money out of it. Not even internet money. The forum attatched to it has survived like a leech and now just talks about whatever.