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The C-cup, Boobpedia's lower limit, shown here just so you don't have to suffer it to go there and see for yourself.

Boobpedia is an internet Wiki where people with no respect for women can go and look at pictures of boobs. It is a sick collection of exploitative, mysogynistic photos of bare chested women with ample, voluptuous, supple, enticing, incredible breasts. Men who thoughtlessly and carelessly objectify women and see them only as body parts enjoy ogling these tits, without caring one bit for the person whose tits they are looking at - a person who is someone's beloved daughter, or sister, or aunt. They care little for her as a human being - such as her likes and dislikes, what are her turn-ons and turn-offs, and what she would do to bring about world peace. None of this is considered, as the photos, videos and interviews are there only to serve the man's basest, most lustful and carnal instincts.

C-cup or greater limit

The site is not even inclusive of all boob types. Only women with C-cups or better are allowed to be degraded and objectified on the site. One wonders what they think is wrong with small breasts, that this wiki is unwilling to hold them up to the same sick, anti-female abuse and dehumanization?


Even with the lower limit of C-cup, there is still a large selection of types available for your unbridled soul-crushing lust, all neatly categorized for your quick browsing pleasure. But because I know you are a man of integrity and propriety who respects and honors women and their bodies so you won't go to the site to find out for yourself, these categories are presented here.

Boob type, shape and cup size

First, most obviously, the boobs are categorize by boob type, shape and cup size, to help facilitate every sick, lustful, lecherous, womanizing taste. Men who discriminate between naturally big, teardrop, perky, softly hanging, and artificially enhanced can get their fill of whatever type their sick, objectifying lust could possibly desire. This categorization is so detailed, carefully distinguishing for instance between H-cup, H-metric cup, HH cup and so on, that it can be educational for the boob enthusiast, though this little makes up for the wretched dehumanizing and exploitation that the site is truly about.

Model type

There are also model categories - whether you prefer porn stars, amateurs, celebrities or so-called "tasteful" nudes, there is a female form for your lustful ways to explolit.

Body type

But the most important categorization is by body type. Beautiful, shapely, or even massive tits can be less enticing to a man if they are stuck on a bodytype that doesn't appeal to him. So Boobpedia categorizes by body shape to please any taste, making it very easy for you to locate your preferred method of degrading the female body, from "athletic" to "BBW".[1]

ATHLETIC: This may be a bit of an exaggeration, plus that's probably not C. But you get the idea.
SLIM: Too skinny? Not for some of these sickos.
AVERAGE: OK, now that's tasty. An average gal for an average guy.
CHUBBY: A-holes have been exploiting the female body for centuries, but they used to like more meat than they tend to today.
BBW: Some men like it when they need to bring a crane along. Sick bastards.


The athletic body is for the man who prefers women to be in shape, who demands physical perfection from his specimens. For many men, a pair of triple-D's on a well-worked out body is just the thing to choke his woman-hating monkey to.


The slim body doesn't require as much work on the part of the woman, just genetic luck with good metabolism. Whereas this type can be too skinny for many men, slap a pair of double-D's on a pogo stick torso and it will be all good for many of these drooling bastards.


The average body type is the one found on most females, and the one most men enjoy shamelessly objectifying. Since you, by contrast, are a good man, respectful of the female creature, it's probably this type of female body that you seek out to sit at coffee shops discussing Emily Bronte with, rather than constantly logging on to Boobpedia to drool over.


Chubby chasers love a little meat to grab a hold of. Plus, many Boobpedia women-hating ogle-rapists believe that the truly greatest tits, with respect to size, shape and bounciness, tend to be carried around by this type of vehicle.


At the heavy end of the scale, there are the BBWs. Boobpedia has no shortage of porkers for the truly sick men who fantasize about being crushed between the deep folds of mountains of bulging, dimpled flesh. These creatures tend to lug around gigantor tits, so these men get their jollies from that sight. There are truly no boundaries to the sick, gross exploitation of the female body when even these sweaty, wheezing monstrosities can be so objectified.


Perhaps the sickest, most dehumanizing part of the whole site is the section where you are able to photograph yourself with your lovely tits on display, sweet, erect nipples and all, and upload them into the "Amateur" category, so that any nasty, drooling old man can get his eyefull of you in all your big-tittied glory. Being a girl, you may not know how to use a digital camera, or probably you don't have the skill to transfer photos and/or videos of yourself. But don't worry - there are helpful how-to sections you can follow that make it very easy. Or you can just get your latest boyfriend to help you. But of course you would never do that because you have more self-respect than to let a lecherous wretch like, say, <insert name here>, just anonymously get his jollies, stroking his rock-hard stiffy to the sight of your incredible big and naturals. Am I right?


Here's an example of a typical Boobpedia lover. He's a sick, selfish, lustful woman-hater.

Join me and respectful gentlemen everywhere in never logging on to Boobpedia. Boobpedia is a large and growing collection that promises to fully satisfy the exploitative, objectifying lust of every sick bastard who can't see the beauty of a woman's soul behind the incredible delicious shape of her ample, curvy tits, but that kind of thing isn't for the likes of you, who honor and respect the female creature. You can probably also create your own account for an enhanced boobpedia experience.


  1. I will post no actual pictures from the filthy site, but examples of the categories from other sources are provided for you, just so you don't have to go there yourself to see them.