Books that were based on prequels to childrens' cartoon shows

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There is a famous book, that was in the bestseller list for months to years. The author of this book, was considered a genius and had a large fan following. The author writes new books, based on the original, and decades go by, and people really love the books. It becomes a religion for some or a classic story for others and people are imitating the characters in the book and acting like them.

Whole societies, theories and cultures are based on the books.

Everyone loves the books, and the author gets rich and famous. Before that author dies, he/she reveals that he/she based the book on a prequel to children’s' cartoon shows on their deathbed.

That story and the universe created was meant to sell children toys and merchandise.

Some examples[edit]

  • Charles Darwin did this as well, with "Origin of the Species" and "The Descent of Man", which he based on the "X-Men: Evolution" cartoon and the children's book "Monkey See, Monkey Do!". He confessed this on his deathbed, but the Scientists who did research in Evolution had covered it up, and denied that he did, and added a reference to that confession being false in Wikipedia.
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