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"Da na na na na na BOON!" -Batboon

"Boon sounds like Boom" -Random kid on Super Smash Bros.

"This Boon theory holds water" - Stephen Hawkings

The word Boon have been created in Soviet Russia under the Commiunist leader Stalin. Boon is a mind controling weapon that can also control human and animals. But before Stalin could test his new Beta weapon, Navi Germany stole the techology. Hitler kept the blue print of the Boon in his secret file, but when the Allies bombed Hitlers secret hide out the file was lost.

But in resent years the word boon is described as "something to be thankful for." but the origin of the word is something different from modern meaning. also if you spell "Boon" backward is "Noob".

-Jommy the great

The Creation of Boon

According to PHD physicist Barney the Dinosaur, Boon is created when a mixture of ramen gas and animal fat combine to create a new substance on the periodical table called pure-gas. This gas is very unique for it can be modified to create any types of boons. This boon will consume all nearby particles thus increasing its size dramatically. It will then form a what is commonly known as "AVEAUP" or "a very enourmous and ugly person".

Son of a ...

First of all, you have got to be the gayest masodist to even think there's a word called boon. I mean...come's not even a word! it's like baboon without the ba. BUT...

...there was a boon in history. Here's how the story goes:

In 0 b.c. or 0 a.d. or whatever you damn christians call it...there were these three "wise" men who went to see this so called "Jesus". Before i continue...why would three random white guys riding a camel in the middle of a desert bring random gifts to a random baby in the middle of nowhere? So these wise men took these marijuana powder and decided it would be fun to feed a baby with it...but the great boon was watching them. The great boon sees all...and raped the three wise men. They were turned into bears and were forced to eat random heated porridge and sit on random sized chairs ever since.