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“I'll help to throw Jews down the well!”

~ Mel Gibson on Borat
Borat taking a regular walk in the park

Borat Sagdiyev OKE (Kazakh/Russian: Борат Сагдиев) (born February 27, 1972) is Kazakhstani television's number two media personality and the sole creator of "Borat's Guide To America", which was biggest of success! Borat is also Kazakhstan's current Ambassador to the US and A and holds title of richest Kazakhstani. He also very accomplish other ways.

For example, during the Kazakhstan-Uzbekistan War, Borat proved himself great general. He kill all enemy plow woman and horse, and make much damage on enemy catapult. Borat master of technique rape, pillage, burn. Kazakhstan emerged victoriously. A-high a-five!

Borat also drive Hummer, but not to compensate.


He travels to Almaty City when he was a 9 for to find job and get cleaned in the hole. It hopes you like, it is nice, he likes (he was tired of making romance liquid explosion in goat). He move with sister, then 6 years old (then legal age of consent in ****** SSR), and they pretend as husband and wife to now's day. While sister becomes great prostitute, Borat get hire by Almaty Municipal Government as offical Jew-catcher. His job is take Jew by horns, and beat. He like the sex.

When he were a 15, Borat get discover by Kazakh media sensation Corky Bucek, who have a very famous song "Bing Bang." He was discover by Bucek when Bucek make a romance in his sister as prostitute. So Borat was hire as state-owned TV station's roving reporter and ice-maker. He liked the gay sex not so much.

Borat, aged a 9.

When he was a 16, Borat kidnap first wife Sophia. Soon they were struck in very bad Gypsy attack, where Borat lose wife, two goat, plow, and horse's dignity (he was a touched in very bad place).

Borat second wife, daughter of Boltok "The Rapist" Sagdiyev, die in tragic accident in field. She a big fat and has the hair everywhere, so hunter, he mistaked her for bear, and shoot. But is OK! Borat get new wife, now he keep her in cage for to be safe, and they have child together. This children now is a 11, and is father of Borat's two grand-childs.

Now Borat and family is well-know all across ******stan, only behind likes of Corky Bucek. His sister has been make Miss Kazakhstan 1994, and voted by Almaty Chamber of Commerce as Number Four Prostitute with Best Sex in Mouth in all Kazakhstan. He keep one brother, Billo Sagdiev, in room with metal door so he doesn't do retard rampage (his head small, but his arm BIG), and other brother himself has son with nuclear retardation disease of foot-ball (foot grows from testes-satchel) and hair covered all over body, he get send to travel all around.


Borat McFly travels through time with hilarious results
The Jews Framed Roger Rabbit

Borat say he is number 2 most famous person in whole of ******stan. Number 1 most famous is childrens' animal actor Johnny the Monkey, star of Transibirsky Express and other pornofilm. Borat and family still get many problem from Jews, who take their money and camel. But Borat throw Jews down well, so we have a big party! High-five, Chenquieh!

In 2007, Borat win Golden Globe. He first own Warren Beatty for mock him. He then proceed to talk about scene in movie where Azamat sit huge ass on face. He say it was worth it for Golden Globe. Nice!

  • (1985) Johnny the Monkey - He Friend!
  • (1987) Star Wars - Attack of the Jew!
  • (1987) Dirty Jew!
  • (1988) Barely Jewish"
  • (1988) Run, Dirty Jew!
  • (1988) Dirty Jew! II!
  • (1989) Borat to the future (Credited as Borat McFly)
  • (1989) The Jews framed Roger Rabbit
  • (1990) Run, Dirty Jew! Run!
  • (1990) Help! I'm Trapped in a Jew's Body!
  • (1991) #4 Prostitute - She Nice!
  • (1991) Kusczek Chainsaw Massacre - Attack of the Jew!
  • (1993) What a Nice Laughter - Unlike That Jew! (with Walter Moore)
  • (1993) Bambi's Mother - Attack of the Jew!
  • (1993) Jewassic Park!
  • (1994) Oh No, There Is A Jew In My Room! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (1995) Who Took This? The Jew!
  • (1995) Guess Jew's coming to dinner?- The Jew strike back
  • (1996) Ali G. Indahouse (with Sacha Baron Cohen - the Jew!)
  • (1996) Attack of the Jew Claw!
  • (1996) Attack of the Jew Rat! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (1997) Attack of the Jew Plague! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (1998) Joseph Stalin - Memories of Peace!
  • (1999) Attack of the Jew Plague! II! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (1999) South Park: Bigger, longer, Uncut & More Jews!!!!
  • (2000) Dood, Where Is The Jew? Oh! There It Is, Kill It! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (2000) Bare-back Mountain Jew - The Attack!
  • (2001) Oh, My God, What Have The Jews Done?
  • (2001) The Jews- Full Throttle
  • (2002) The Jews and AIDS - DESTROY WITH GYPSY TEARS!
  • (2002) The Ozone Layer - Attack of the Gypsy!
  • (2003) Attack of the Gypsy Tears!
  • (2003) I Dream Killing A Gypsy - Attack of the Jew!*
  • (2004) Auschwitz: 60 Jews Later! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (2005) 9/11 - Attack Of The Jew! (with Mel Gibson)
  • (2005.5) March Of The Jews
  • (2006) Borat: Cultural Learnings of America For Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan!
  • (2007) Springtime for Hitler - Attack of the Jew! (post-production)
  • (2008) Bing-Bong Bing-Bong - The Musical! (with Korky Bucek) (in production)
  • (2009) How to Train Dog to Sniff out Jew! (with Denton Dog Clinic) (pre-production)
  • (2010) Harry Potter and the Deadly Jew! (with Alfonso Cuarón) (in talks)

Personality and interests[edit]

  • He enjoys reciting the Kazakhstan National Anthem to Americans! (
  • Borat like the "sexy time."
  • He like the shaved vagine (not the bush) as long as it not hang like sleeve of wizard.
  • Borat has only loved once, being with pet pig Igor who made more a delicious meal than a faithful pet.
  • Borat have been designing in his country, revolutionary car which will change Kazakhstan economy. Because in his country there is problem, and that problem is transport, it take very long time.
  • Instead of throwing transport down the well, Borat has hired by doubles as plow and house for gypsies. This car not surprising is called Volkswagen Borat.

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