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Bowser, also known as Buzzer, King Koopa is a video game character and the bad guy in the ever growing Mario series. Bowser's hobbies include kidnapping random princesses and destroying Mario. He dreams of one day raping Princess Peach, becoming ruler of the world and talking properly but in the meantime he is seen breathing fire at random things.

Bowser: The Early Years[edit]

Bowser was born like every other Koopa, but suffered serious weight problems due to eating at McDonalds. Bowser was the oldest of two siblings ,Bowselina and George Bush. They lived in a kingdom far far away until they decided to move to mushroom kingdom.

Weight Problems[edit]

Bowser always seemed to eat random things. First a hot dog, then a King Charles Spaniel dog, then his sister. This led to extreme unfitness. This is proved in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, where he is the slowest character.