Box jellyfish

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“..Damn! What was I thinking?”

~ God on Box jellyfish
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A jellyfish practising for a role in the play Romeo and Juliet.

Box Jellyfish are venomous jellyfish that inhabit the waters off Australia and Neo Japan. They do not look like boxes, rather they more resenble a blob like shape as the box misconseption arose from when the great english explorer Captain James Marley sighted a tribe of these wonderful creatures and thought they resembeled cardboard boxes.


Box jellyfish travel in herds in up to numbers of 1000 or more. They migrate through the various oceans of the world going trick or treating with Pirates and fighting large battles with their sworn enemys, the Jedis. The herds are ruled over by the alpha blob, then it breaks down into the complicated Box jellfish hierachy. After the alpha blob there are the omega blobs and their various stooges and their roles are admin and paperwork for the herd. These tasks inculde getting signup sheets for the annual jellys vs the Japanese tourists event and organising the herd picnics. After that there are the various blue-collar workers who make the herd run, from the solider jellys to the milkers who milk their fellow jellys to get the Jellyfish milk, Red bull. The Box jellyfish herd is a moble city with each member of the herd performing a specific task, those jellys who are too lazy too work are exiled to the vastness of the ocean to fend for themselves.

Current location[edit]

The Box jellyfish people now inhabit the waters off Australia as they smuggled themsevles into Australian waters by attaching themsevles to the buttocks of the flying spaghetti monster, sending it into a wild frenzy, which resulted in the invention of Clag glue. The Box jellyfish diet consists of hermit crabs, fish fingers,pubic hairs and Japanese tourists. Many box jellyfish have been caught in fishing nets and mistaken for melted ice, leading to the idea that the polar ice caps are melting apart. They are also hunted as they make fashionable hats and when milked they produce Red bull. Though box jellyfish are responsible for several deaths really they can be rubbed on the nipples for a warm, healthy burning rash.


Box jellyfish are the result of a one night stand between a Tentacruel from Pokemon and the guy who played Anakin Skywalker in Star wars 2 and 3. It was considered an "accident" and a "mistake" by all involved, including the offspring. Box jellyfish are closely related to The Flying Spaghetti Monster however Box jelly fish are not creators of the universe they are just jelly versions of the FSM. Their cousins the jelly beans have long held the stance that they have no relation to the Box jellyfish however through DNA testing they have been shown to be closely related.