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Boxer shorts (also known as loose boxers or, imprecisely, as boxers) are a type of underwear, worn by men. The term is used in English since 1944 for all-around-elastic shorts. Boxers are worn by eunuchs and men with small genitals who do not need the support provided by briefs.

A boxer is also a profession for one who creates items out of recycled cardboard.

Career Paths[edit]

Much like orgami, boxing requires skill, patience, and a great deal of digital skill. A career in this profession requires great manual dexterity, due to the difficulty that can arise in manipulating the little fiddly flaps that hold the cardboard together. Many people enter the profession unaware of this, and cases of arthritis or pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis are commonplace. Rising public awareness of these problems has led to greater health and safety precautions being put in place, but workers complain that not enough is being done. While there are many career paths, the most common are listed here:

Traditional Boxer[edit]

A traditional boxer manipulates cardboard into small containers, suitable for storing objects in. This is a quiet profession, and while rewarding, it is often overlooked in favor of the more flashy types of boxing.

Canine Boxer[edit]

Some boxers specialize in making faux-dogs out of cardboard. While far less useful than the product of a traditional boxer, canine boxers are often revered for their artistic skill and realistic reproductions.

Balboa Boxers[edit]

Still other boxers specialize in making life-sized replicas of famous people out of cardboard. The most skilled of these are known as Balboas, after the great boxer who created the first ultra-realistic cardboard cutouts.

Some other famous Balboa Boxers include: Mike Tyson and George Foreman.

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