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Boy-Bot is a common name used for a large range of robotic companions resembling small boys. The boy-bots are fully functional and can be used for all sorts or pedophile uses.


The first design for a boy-bot was created by world renown pedophile Leonardo Da Vinci in 1623. It was never constructed due to a limited budget on Leonardo's part, but was widely considered to be the greatest acheivement of the 17th century.

The plans for the boy-bot where lost for many years, until artist Salvador Dali found them on off the coast of southern spain. He hired many proffesionals to construct the boy-bot, and they managed to build one, but it was never put to use and Dali was found dead from a gunshot would two hours before it's completion.

The third attempt at making a boy-bot was made by Axl Rose in 2001. He was succesfull and made his fortune by selling boy-bots to pedophiles all across the world.

Differences in different countries[edit]

Boy-bots in North America are used souly for conventional pedophile activities, as the technology there has not evolved enough to be able to use a boy-bot for other uses. In Japan, however, boy-bots are advanced enough to have many different settings. The most popular settings are: Scared- The boy-bot is scared of it's pedo-owner and screams for it's mother whilst being pedophiled. Horny- The boy-bot is sexually aroused by it's pedo-owner. Dead- For necropheliac pedohiles only.

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