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Richard Hammond makes a quick escape after destroying an innocent persons home, in Birmingham.

Brainiac is a television programme that started in 2003 on the UK Television channel Sky One, it is is presented by Top Gear front-man Richard Hammond and ex-Big Brother loser John Tickle.

What's it about?[edit]

The show ships dangerous chemicals and explosives around the country and attempts to destroy people's property and homes. Unfortunately for the Gypsy population, the emphasis of destruction is put upon caravans. The objective is often to destroy the home before the occupants can notice, and in many cases people are still in the homes they choose to destroy. The idea of televising the destruction of people's property as a form of humour was pioneered by Jeremy Beadle in his 1965 show "Beadle's About", which won five BAFTAs and was pronounced "most amusing" by Queen Victoria.

The advantage of being on Sky however is that no one knows you exist, hence both presenters have not been arrested yet.

That's just stupid, what's the point?[edit]

By using Top Gear's most insane presenter Sky reckon they can pull viewers, and Richard (an ex-mental patient) wouldn't have it any other way. Last but not least BSkyB's boss Rupert Murdoch loves it.

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