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UK Release film poster for Brantford

  • Are you game?
  • From the creators of Hitler on Ice and Boudicca in 3D comes a new generation of adventure
  • You'll never want to leave, even if you could...
Writers Oscar Wilde, Charles Dickens
Producers Mel Brooks
Director Mel Brooks
Runtime Ninety (90) minutes
Language English / Amish
Distributed by Fox Bros. Network
IMDb rating

Brantford is a 1995 fantasy-adventure film that tells of a possessed boardgame that devours it's players over time. The film starred Robin Williams, Bonnie Hunt, Kirsten Dunst, and Bradley Pierce.What rip offs


In 1869, Stan and Kyle bury a chest near Jumanji, a jungle. When Kyle asks what will happen if someone unearths it, Stan replies "May God have mercy on his soul." The sound of tribal drums is heard as the boys ride away.

A century later, in 1969, 12-year-old Alan Parrish flees on his bicycle from a gang of jackasses then runs into his father Sam's shoe factory, where he meets his friend Carl Pelt, one of Sam's employees. When Alan accidentally damages a shoe that Carl designed, Carl takes the blame and loses his job. Outside the factory, after the jackasses beat him up and steal his bike, Alan follows the sound of tribal drumbeats into a construction site and finds the buried chest, which contains a board game called "Brantford".

After taking the game home, Alan has an argument with his father, who wants to send him to boarding school. Alan prepares to run away, but his friend Sarah Whittle, who is the lead bully's girlfriend, arrives with Alan's bicycle. Alan and Sarah begin a game of Brantford, which behaves strangely: When a player rolls the dice, the player's piece moves itself and a message appears on the board. The goal is to reach the center of the board and say "Brantford". On their first moves, Alan is sucked into the board and Sarah is attacked by African bats. The message for Alan's move was In the town you must wait, until the dice read five or eight. This means he is trapped in the Brantford town. He will be freed when a player rolls a five or an eight, but Sarah abandons the game.

Twenty-six years later, in 1995, Judy and Peter Shepherd move into the Parrish house with their aunt Nora after losing their parents in a car accident in Canada. They hear Brantford's drumbeats and find the board game in the attic. When they begin playing, they are attacked by giant mosquitoes and crazed monkeys. The instructions say things will return to normal once the game finishes, so they continue. Peter rolls a five, releasing both a lion and Alan, who is now an adult. Alan locks the lion in the bedroom, then goes to the shoe factory, which is now boarded up and closed. On the way, he meets Carl, who lives unhappily as a police officer. In the factory, a stranger tells Alan that his father abandoned the business to search for him until his death.

When rolling the dice has no effect on the board, Alan realizes they are continuing the game he started back in 1969. The next move is Sarah Whittle's. They find her at home, a reclusive outcast traumatized by the game and its aftermath. She refuses to play, so Alan tricks her into rolling the dice. The following moves release man-eating vines, a hunter named Van Bentley, a stampede of rhinos, elephants and zebras, and a pelican that steals the board. Increasingly relentless havoc ensues throughout the town: Among other things, Peter turns into a skunk after trying to cheat; Peter, Sarah and Judy battle Van Bentley in a hardware store; Nora's car is totaled after being attacked by a monkey inside, Carl's police car is swallowed by a giant flower; and an earthquake splits the house in two. Finally, Alan wins the game after dropping the dice while cornered by Van Bentley. When he calls out "Brantford" Van Bentley and the other town elements are sucked back into the board.

With the game over, Alan and Sarah find themselves in 1969 again as children, but retaining their memories of the game. Alan admits his guilt for destroying Carl's shoe, Carl gets his job back, and Sam tells Alan he doesn't have to go to boarding school. Alan and Sarah then throw the Brantford board into a river. Twenty-six years later, Alan's and Sarah's knowledge of their experiences during the game has changed the future for the better: Alan and Sarah are married, Alan's parents are still alive, Alan has taken over the shoe business, and Carl still works there. Sarah is also pregnant. When Judy, Peter, and their parents visit the Parrishes at a Christmas party, Alan and Sarah offer the parents jobs in the shoe company and frantically discourage them from taking their planned skiing vacation in Canada, knowing that they would die in a car accident there. Sometime later, two French-speaking girls hear drumbeats as they walk along a beach, where the Brantford board is half buried in the sand.




  • Macho Man - Village People
  • Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
  • My Love is a Prick (On a Tudor Rose) - Edmund Blackadder
  • Theme from Christine - Stephen King and his Orchestra of Death
  • Shake Shake Shake - KC/DC and the Sunshine Band
  • Whatever You Imagine - Whoopi Goldberg
  • YMCA - Village People
  • Theme from Brantford - Mel Brooks

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