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Break is a letter of the alphabet. It is also a key on keyboards that does what its name states—it breaks something. It was discovered by George Washington, who decided that it should be put on his horse in order to break anything that happened to get in his way.

Sometimes pressing break lets you have an extra coffee break without your boss noticing ;)

Break is also known as pause, or SysRq.

On older versions of Microsoft Windows, the break key used to activate a device known as the Facebreaker. When the Facebreaker was set off, a giant boxing glove would fire out of the monitor and hit people in the face, not only knocking them out but also smashing small shards of glass into their skull for all eternity. For reasons of safety (Steve Ballmer wanted one in every monitor and a special button so he could "fucking kill everyone") this was discontinued after Windows 3.1, however remnants of this great device can be seen in Microsoft Office clip art.

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