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A Breakdown is the epitome of lazy musicianship, and consists basically of a single open note (and occasionally other incredible inventive elements such as non-open notes) played on the lowest string of the guitar and bass(always in drop tuning) repeated aimlessly, while the drum kit plays a china cymbal and the "Vocalist" "sings" a single repeated line, boring (sorry for the pun)its way into your brain. Common to the genres of hardcore, metalcore, deathcore and J-pop, but has recently be adopted by awful bands such as My Chemical Romance and The Used because of their dwindling record sales, general lack of imagination, and sore wrists from masturbating to old The Cure video clips on YouTube.

Origin of the Breakdown[edit]

The Breakdown was invented in the Classical Era when a horde of retards escaped from their cages and ate the entire Royal British Orchestra. The mentally-disabled cannibals, left with nothing to do, proceeded to play the instruments in front of the screaming, panicking crowd. Luckily this was recorded on the world's earliest ipod, and was sent around to other screaming-cannibalistic-retard circles across Europe. The result was the invention (and unfortunate rise of popularity) of not only hardcore, but also the Breakdown as we know it today.

Breakdowns Today[edit]

Today the breakdown is a celebrated and shamelessly overdone practice (un)orchestrated to annoy the hell out of anybody with a decent taste in music. Every 12th of august is "World Breakdown Day". Sadly , last year it was confused with "World Mental Breakdown Day" and ended up with more suicides than a Myspace-sponsored music festival and a re-run of series 1 of 'The Simpson's' put together. To avoid (or incite) confusion, the two events have been moved to the same day, why they were ever separate is anybody's guess.

Known Breakdown Abusers[edit]

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