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A scene from the subversive but popular AMC series Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a subversive American drama created and produced by Vincent Valentine. Set and filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it tells the story of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth when he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The show promotes moral relativism, violence, sex, drug use, and gambling. It is also critical of the economic system of the United States. The show promotes "diversity" by including black, latino, disabled, and homosexual characters.


The series starts out when Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher and part-time carwash employee finds out he has terminal lung cancer. Rather than appealing to private charity or taking the generous offer of his friends Gretchen and Eliot like any good conservative would do, Walter being the liberal he is, decides the best way to pay for his treatment is to cook meth. He uses his extensive background in chemistry to cook meth that is 99% pure. Teaming up with former student Jesse Pinkman, Walter begins to sell meth but the pair soon run into trouble. Being a sissy liberal pinko, Walt isn't tough enough to deal with the criminal underworld and is almost killed by drug dealers Krazy 8 and Emilio Estevez. The only reason he and Jesse survive is because Walt is able to use his intelligence (another liberal trait, real men use fists and guns). He poisons the two dealers with some ingredients that he used to cook his meth. One initially survives so Walt kills him in self-defence (a hypocritical thing for a liberal to do since they don't believe in self-defence). Later on Jesse and Walt delve further into the criminal underworld and become involved with a whole host of unscrupulous characters including crooked lawyers, drug addicts, hitmen, and drug kingpins.

Regular Cast[edit]

  • Bryan Cranston as Walter WhIte - Chemistry teacher turned meth chef and the twin brother of Gordon Freeman
  • AnNa GuNn as Skyler WhiTe - Walt's whore and golddigger of a wife
  • DeaN Norris as Hank SchRader - DEA agent and only good conservative on the show and a fine seller of propane and propane accessories
  • Betsy Brandt as MArie SchradEr - Hank's kleptomaniac wife
  • AAron Paul as JEsse PinKman - Walt's drug addicted partner
  • RJ MitTe as WAlter White Jr. - Walt and Skyler's crippled and according to Krazy 8, retarded, son


There are many problems with this show according to reputable news sources like Fox News. First Walter breaks the law and the show gives credibility to him for doing it for the "right reasons". Crime is wrong no matter what the reason. Secondly, he refuses private charity in favour of breaking the law. Charity is fine as long as it isn't the government footing the bill, somehow that is socialism. Even if he was not offered charity he still should have refused to break the law. No one in this country owes a person anything. It is better to let someone die of untreated cancer or any disease for that matter then to force the rest of the country to subsidize their treatment through taxes.

Walt chose to go into teaching, a socialist occupation where students are indoctrinated with left wing propaganda, and now when cancer comes to kill him, its his own fault. Teachers unions also insert propaganda into the show when Walt reveals that he only makes 43k a year. He's lucky to get that the greedy bastard, living off of the people's taxes instead of going to work for a private business or going into the finance sector. If you don't have enough money to survive, its your own fault, not the governments and not private business.

The show also does wrong by portraying drug addicts as humans with real emotions who can occasionally do the right thing. Jesse Pinkman, Walt's partner and drug addict, is portrayed as a sympathetic character. His parents are assholes to him so somehow that justifies his meth and later heroin use. Jesse is shown in a positive light when he grieves over the death of his junkie girlfriend and when he calls the police to get a young child out of a drug den.

Another problem with the show is the ethnic diversity of the characters. In some cases this is ok because most drug users and lower level dealers are black or hispanic but the portrayal of police officers as minorities and the drug kingpin as a minority is clearly wrong. Minorities, other than perhaps Asians, do not possess enough intellect to be able to oversee a huge drug operation. Only a white man could oversee a production that huge rather than a Barack Obama knockoff. It also portrays disabled people (Walt's son) in a positive light, showing that they are capable of doing things on their own and can be intelligent.

The sanctity of marriage is also mocked in the show when Walt's whore of a wife Skyler fucks her boss Ted. Even though Walt is a dirtbag for cooking meth, Skyler violated her sacred vows by sleeping with her boss. Skyler also considered divorce from Walt which is a sin in the eyes of God.

Homosexuality is subtly promoted on the show by Walt's temporary lab partner Gale. Gale who is clearly homosexual is portrayed as an intelligent chemist albeit a little bit socially awkward. It is well known that gay people have below average intelligence and engage in huge meth-induced orgies with multiple partners.

Stealing is portrayed as a mental disorder rather than a crime and a character defect. Hank's wife Marie is a kleptomaniac with an uncontrollable urge to steal. Rather than allow his wife to go to jail for theft, Hank also bails her out. Even though Hank is shown to be a mostly good conservative who is against drugs, he himself engages in moral relativism when he gets Marie out of trouble for her crimes. Hank also downplays the dangers of marijuana but this could be because he is more concerned with the more dangerous drug crystal meth.


Overall this show forces a liberal, left-wing agenda down the throats of the American public. Between the criticism of low pay for teachers and the American health care system, the sympathetic portrayal of drug dealers and users, the blatant disregard for law and order, the positive portrayal of those with disabilities, and forced "diversity of the cast" Breaking Bad is nothing more than extreme liberal propaganda. It is possible that Barack Obama himself may have had something to do with the production of the show. It started in 2008, the same year he ran for President and was elected. Gustavo Fring, the drug kingpin in the show, bears a resemblance to Obama in both physical build and his mannerisms. Fring is darker in complexion than Obama though in an attempt to scare viewers more. Once SOPA is passed it is thought that the government will have better control over the airwaves and this subversive and treasonous show will be cancelled.

Video game[edit]

Nintendo of America has recently announced that Breaking Bad will be released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on May the 1st. The ERSB has not released a rating but critics suggest it will most likely be EC or Early Childhood.


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