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Dr Lavery, or "King Lavdaddy" as dubbed by his minions, rules with a relentless gaze and an iron fist.
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“RJ: There's a guy in China that eats aborted babies.
Lav: Yummy!”

~ doc lav on hungry

“This page is very creative.”

~ doc lav on his own way

“Drugs? I went to school in the 60's!”

~ Lavdaddy on Illicit Drugs

“If the doctor dosen't get his way then the world will write summerys forever.”

~ doc lav on his own way

“Where's the sauce?”

~ julian on panago's pizza

Brian Lavery, dubbed 'Dr Lavery' or 'Lavdaddy' by his minions of doom, is a middle aged, evil doctor who runs a small country in Africa dominated by slavery and the use of marijuana. In the late 1920's Brian was summoned from Satan himself, because he is too evil to be born out of a women. When questioned about this great summoning, Lavery only replies "If you ask me that question again, you will hurt... I'm just kidding, you'll just write me a 300 word summary on marijuana." In his spare time Lavmaster enjoys: snickering, laughing evilly, smoking, dancing, reading, smoking, drinking, and laughing evilly.

Manliness, and Dr Lavery[edit]

If one thing is for certain on this entire planet, it is that Lavdaddy is one manly guy. If you disagree with this, think again wiseguy, Lavery is so manly, that instead of buying honey, he actually eats honey bees alive. If that's not enough to convince you that Lavery is one of the manliest guys around, if your unfortunate enough to get in the crossfire, it is said that when Lavdaddy flex's, the universe begins to consume itself.

Dan Hubert, aka the mustard tiger.

Past Jobs[edit]

Dr. Lavery A.K.A King Lavdaddy, was born in a small town in Ireland were his family lived as grape farmers, realising grape farming was not the shiznit yo, he went to school for 1 year to learn how to weld. After his schooling he traveled to New Brunswick and worked on old ships that needed repairs. Realising once again his Ub3r 1337 skillz weren't being used to their full potential, he went to school to become a social studies and English teacher. He now lives in a small town in B.C. where he continues to torment and annoy everyone that dares take his class.

The Early Days - Present[edit]

Lavdaddy, shown above, experienced abnormal aggression as a child.

As a child Brian often experienced intense aggression towards other kids, and store clerks if they wouldn't sell him chocolate milk. Lavdaddy became victim of hair loss at an early age due to this anger, and even though he's a man who enjoys his chocolate milk, there's no stopping him if he tries to knock you out. Since The Lavdaddy is lacking in the hair department, he saves loads of money by not having to pay for a barber to give him a trim, in fact, Lavery is so evil, that he owns several barber shops, where he gets revenge on hippys, and longhaired bastards.

Lavdaddy agrees that products like 'just for men' are a complete waste of money, and true men need to take aging like a man. in conclusion, 'just for men' is really 'just for pussies', you know why? because Lavery said so.


Dr. Lavery has a similar punishment for everything, if you are talking you have to do a 100 word summary on the subject AFTER school or class(if you have his class last block or the block before lunch). So as an example say you were talking about snorting a line of coke in the McDonald's bathroom, you would hence have to do a 100 word summary on it. this usually follows with an evil remark and some evil snikkering. Sometimes the punishments can get more intense, known on the street as 'h-core', these can range from a 100 word summary - 300 words, depending on the anger Lavdaddy is feeling.

Lavdaddy and Gaming[edit]

Lavdaddy, like any man enjoys a good bit of gaming every now and then, and when Lavery is looking for a game, he looks no further than his favorite, 'Ethiopian Tycoon 3', with this game he can build various types of plantations, including cotton, wheat, and marijuana, trade slaves, and the best part is watching his minions suffer!

"Ethiopian Tycoon 3.

Every once in awhile Lavdaddy almost always has to play some battlefield 2 (BF2) with his buddies, they can yell and curse on ventrillo with their mics all they want and no one ever gets hurt. Lavery is particularly fond of this game because he can be the commander (preferable on the MEC team, Lavdaddy HATES the Americans). He chooses to be commander because when questioned why, he said because he can tell them to 'go, die'."

When Lavery plays his games, he prefers to not be sober, several shots of vodka usually does the trick for lavery, and before he knows it he's into the game hardcore and no one can stop his intense owning, or 'pwning' as the kids these days like to call it.

In the late 90's, Lavdaddy became highly addicted to the game 'pac-man' and would often spend hours on end at the bar taking shots and playing this game. he had such high scores that the bar owner had to remove the game, because Jesus himself would not be able to beat these incredible scores.

When approached about his gaming addictions, he thanks his wife for getting him through the withdrawals.