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Brian Douglas Wilson (1942-2014) was one of the founders of The Beach Boys. As the main composer for the Beach Boys, he is responsible for many of the songs you hear on the Radio which sound like the Bee Gees but instead from the 1950s.


Brian Wilson lost his hearing in one ear in a bar fight with his dad. His father was a manic depressive, and released an album called The Many Moods of Murry Wilson. This isn't a joke. You simply can't make this stuff up. In fact, its actually quite sad if you think about it. I'm disgusted.

Beach Boys[edit]

Brian Wilson's talent for songwriting expanded into complete mastery of chords which were common and harmonies that weren't complex, or even good. He wrote Surfin but it didn't end there: He took the same horrible concept and chords and applied them to many, many songs. Realizing the material he was writing wasn't good, he became obsessed with the song Be My Baby by Phil Spector and proceeded to arrange every single song ripped those chord structures, including his innovative Heroes and Villains (in which Brian Wilson cleverly uses this chord structure), his innovative Wouldn't it Be Nice and a tag from Good Vibrations and the flagrant rip off of the Phil Spector mentioned song, retitled Don't Worry Baby. As a general rule which even he agrees with, don't listen to any material of the Beach Boys written before 1964. And as another general rule, all Beach Boys material written after 1964 sounds like Be My Baby, so listen to that instead and save yourself a bunch of time.

Later Material[edit]

Realizing that his material wasn't particularly good, Brian Wilson went to the studio and tried to rename his group "Brian Wilson and the Four Idiots," but this understandibly didn't go over very well. Murry Wilson was so mad, he quit the group over the projected name change, and held his anger in very well. With Murry out of the way, Brian Wilson's father's voice threatening to kill him was replaced with a voice in his deaf ear threatening to kill him as the result of an acid trip. He would then go on to write some of his best music under this state of insanity, first with Pet Sounds but reaching a climax with the smash hit Smile, which went all the way to No. 1 in the US and to this day is the highest selling album of the 1960s. Smile effectively destroyed the Career of The Beatles as, upon hearing the album, John Lennon went nuts and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was shelved and in its place lay the watered down release of Sgt. Pepper's Smiley Super Happy Lonely Hearts Club Band. The album performed very poorly. Brian Wilson's songwriting career would progress until he completed for an unreleased project called Adult Child a song entitled Hey Little Tomboy-about Pedophilia. This song inspired Michael Jackson to write Thriller.


Brian Wilson spent many years in bed, estranged from the rest of his group. Wondering what a demented man could work on, he finally became a reporter for Fox News. He is also constantly in hot, dirty litigation with Mike Love, the man who is actually the real genius behind the Beach Boys.