Brierley Hill

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Brierley Hill is an ancient fishing village situated near Birmingham, Alabama, West Midlands UK. Famous as being the birthplace of Genghis Khan and Macho Man Randy Savage. The town is now notorious for being a place of retirement for former WWE superstars.


Running throughout Brierley Hill is a canal, which in modern times has been used for transporting Weapons of Mass Destruction by the local Chavs. Due to the extent of waste that has been deposited in the canal, it is not unusual to see fish that have mutated with shopping trolleys and benches. These new super species have yet to be categorized and formally given a name by NASA.

According to popular folklore the canal was also the first breeding place of The Waterfront Ness Monster, now known as The Loch Ness Monster. Ness's were eradicated from the waters of Brierley Hill during the mass cull of Ness's throughout the area in the 1940's. The order for this act was given by the former governer of Brierley Hill, Sidney Poitier.

As the majority of Brierley Hillbillies are horribly disfigured from a post crimean war trend of interbreeding, the DVLA will not grant any resident the power to drive any motor vehicles. Therefore, the preferred mode of transportation in Brierley Hill are Travel West Midlands hoverboards. There are many hoverboard stops situated throughout the surrounding area and monthly hoverboard passes can be purchased from the local travel ofice.


Panoramic view of behind Wickes in Brierley Hill.

The John Craven fairytale The Hill's Have Eyes was originally called Brierley Hill Has Eyes and was only altered during the last editing of the movie. In a recent BBC documentary on hills, Brierley Hill was named as the most hilly place on Earth.

In a follow up docu-soap only Jupiter was found to have more hills and this was solely due to Jupiterites wanting to take the prestigous title of the most hilly place in the universe from Brierley Hill. Local Brierley Hillbillies are outraged at being stripped of the accolade and in a recent press conference Jake 'the snake' Roberts has confirmed that 'more hills will be planted!'.