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“Yes. By combining BREAKFAST with DINNER, I've been able to create BRINNER.”

~ Dr. Mystico on steps to creating brinner

“It's much too rocky!”

~ Klaus in da Haus on brinner

“Rice is good for yoooooooou!”

~ Asmal Jaim on the constituents of brinner

Brinner is a meal where any of the follwing items can be ingested: cereal, milk, pancakes, rice, spaghetti, fries, egg, toast, fish, meat of all varieties (including penguin) and garlic.

The recipe[edit]

Basically, brinner is the combination of breakfast and dinner. It is generated using a nucular reaction which results in many pi rays emitted.

WARNING! This process takes 30 hours. During this time, you will not be able to move, so make sure you turn the TV on first!

Once this is done, you will obtain brinner oxide (unfortunately, the reaction is still affected by the oxygen in our atmosphere). Therefore, it is necessary for the Mad Professor, Yoshimitsu and Captain Falcon to beat the air out of this good-for-nothing rust at the same time. An alternative recipe would be to put brunch and dinner into a test tube, and burn it with a flamethrower.


Brinner was actually conceived by Bas Zuiderent whilst he was on his way to Zimbabwe. The in-flight breakfast was awful, and the dinner wasn't much better. However, he was feeling hungry by midnight and decided to combine the two meals together. Luckily, the 'oxygen pummelers' were all on the aircraft, just by coincidence, except for Captain Falcon. A brick was able to take his place and so all went well. The brinner was created successfully, but by the time it was made, the helicopter had already arrived and took off for the next flight.

Uses of brinner[edit]

Dr. Mystico (left) after just having been complained at about the lack of fries.

The first application of brinner[edit]

One time, Dr. Mystico had some of his enemies over for dinner (Why not, every mad scientist does it). What they didn't know is that they were actually having brinner. The actual brinner was prepared by AlvinEarthworm. Regardless, after trusting that the guests were hungry, Dr. Mystico decided to "make" brinner. Upon further questioning: "Huh?" from Sergent Mike Cosgrove, he revealed that "Yes. By combining BREAKFAST with DINNER, I've been able to create BRINNER." Mike was unhappy, and complained that he wanted fries with his meal.


  • Brinner is an item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl 7.
  • It can be placed in a box and used as bait for Magikarp fishing.
  • It can be used as a bullet-proof vest.
  • It has been known to perform trigonometric functions.
  • It can hold 52MB worth of pictures, music or video.
  • It can be used as rocket fuel.
  • It is an insect propellant (it will propel them in a random direction, most likely up)
  • It's a permanent marker.
  • It can clear Scrap Brain Zone faster than you.
  • It can change the colour of your appendix.
  • It can be feared: known as zuiderenaphobia.
  • It can be leaned on.
  • It can be used as a voltmeter, but it only measures to half a decimal place.
  • It can be eaten, but is not eaten often (only Dr. Mystico and the Champion of Funny Noises eat brinner nowadays).
  • It can illuminate all the LCDs in a Game and Watch.
  • It can smash Windows XP.
  • It can be used as rocket fuel.
  • It reacts with the colour blue to form brinner cyanide.
  • It can increase the chance of an earthquake hitting your local WHSmiths.
  • It can recite the first word of every dictionary.
  • It can fix speeling errors.
  • It knows how to play the triangle.
  • It can be used as an anti-aircraft projectile.
  • It can translate jibberish.
  • It can kill Dr. Mario.
  • It can be used as rocket fuel.
  • It can quit doing that.
  • It can find more ideas for this list.