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The new British Army Recruitment poster

Ah, the British Army, the Greatest Army in the World, with some of the greatest and most bizarre traditions, such as the running of the cheeses. These traditions are kept alive today by all four members of the British Army that haven't been decommissioned by governmental cutbacks. This amalgamated 'super-regiment' of proud warriors comprises of all the famous regiments which have served Britannia in its past conflicts. These include the Wank Watch (KOSBs all the way), The Royal Welsh Fusiliers and The Royal Irish Conscripts.

The roots of the modern British Army began in the reign of King Charles I, when Parliament was pissed off with the King for being, well, a King. They declared war on him, plunging Britain into Civil War. Cromwell, the king's chief parliamentary opponent created the New Model Army which was far greater and more useful than the old model army, which consisted of the king's toy collection. When the war ended the English, and their erstwhile allies and natural enemies Scotland, realized they don't always have to fight among themselves and with the Welsh and Irish in tow began kicking the rest of the world's arse. This new model army was the basis for the British Army which has lasted these past 400 years because, even four Brits are a match for any other European nations entire armed forces. Hence the prerequisite 'Great' in front of the word Britain. It was also convenient that Germans are notoriously hydrophobic( see World War I and World War II), and the French first thought it was okay to make ships out of cheese. In this time they have whooped pretty much every other country in the world. It is also believed the British army has the best track record for conquering 3rd world countries, and it has never lost a major conflict since 1776, where some damned colonials with the help of the Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys happened to acquire their independence. This was largely due to Britain being ruled at the time by King George III, a man with more screws loose than a South American Favella, and the unfortunate British habit of stopping for afternoon tea during a battle. The American Colonials cunningly did not have this problem, as they had turned Boston harbour into a giant teapot.

The British Army may not be the biggest army but they make up for it by being the best. It also helps having an English channel between them and the their enemies (see world war 2, World War I, Napoleonic Wars, American Revolution, and just about every other war they fought in). However once the English channel falls the British surrender, see the Norman conquest of Britain where Vikings who had settled in Normandy and WERE NOT FRENCH (cos Britain has NEVER been invaded by the Cheese-eating-surrender-monkeys) learned to build ships out of wood instead of cheese resulting in the french crossing the channel and conquering England.

Headline news: The entire British Army has been amalgamated, another "Super Regiment" called "The Soldiers", this continues the trend in naming new "super regiments" with ridiculously stupid names, with little reference to role, for example, "The Rifles" formally The Light Infantry have no relation to rifles at all. We all know all they do is run up hills with 300 tonne bergens.

Some of the countries Britain has owned[edit]

  1. Holland
  2. Russia (Crimean War)
  3. Argentina (the Falkland Islands War, starring Margaret Thatcher)
  4. India its a white country. They all just like having tans
  5. Germany (Two World Wars, one World Cup and a bucket of vindaloooooooooo)
  6. Canada
  7. Iraq (more casualties taken from friendly fire, thank you USA)
  8. Egypt and Sudan
  9. Spain
  10. Most of Africa
  11. USA. After all, why would a country speak English if it weren't completely and utterly owned by the British at some point?
  12. Antarctica The penguins did however put up a hell of a fight. Now known as the battle of the butlers.
  13. Bulgaria Multiple times on many many servers.
  14. Australia, despite the cries of pommy bastard, the British invented that country by sending all the people who were too delightful to be allowed to live in Britain!
  15. New Zealand
  16. France at more or less every point.
  17. Yours
  18. all of them

Ah shut the fuck up limey. <---Butthurt

The only countries that have owned Britain[edit]

  1. Roman Empire Ancient ages (Only parts of)
  2. Vikings Dark ages (The aforementioned parts... and then mostly islands that nobody arsed about)

End of glory days[edit]

The modern British Army; left to right, Sarge, Taffy, Scotty and Paddy

Sadly, however, those glory days have passed. The four remaining members of the Army- Sarge, Taffy, Paddy and Scotty- are all that now stands between Britain and the rampaging hordes of 'foreigners' that threaten this green and pleasant land. However they have the might of the Royal Navy (an old fishing boat with more holes in than deck) and the Royal Air Force (Paddys elastic band powered toy plane)to help them in their efforts.

'We're hopefully just there to keep the peace this time,' said Taffy to the press, 'because unfortunately we're only allowed one set of body armour between us, and it's on Paddy's back 'cos the yanks keep shooting behind us'.

But wherever they're needed, they will go, the British Army, proud, brave, true to the last. As long as the moped doesn't run out of bio-diesel.



The British Army is currently pursuing a vigorous and highly successful TV advertising campaign. This is to ensure that all four existing members of the army remain, and maybe, just maybe recruit a fifth... (subject to legislation, recruit may have to buy own equipment and arrange own training and transport). Some aspects of Army life as listed in said adverts are:

  • Learning discipline
  • Getting a uniform
  • Completing qualifications
  • Being abused and derided by sadistic NCO's
  • Being paid less than the average spotty sub human serving burgers to fat council house tenants.
  • Impressing your friends
  • Paramedic training in the RAMC which allows you to erect tents in hot places and take them down again
  • Visiting new parts of the world, specifically sandy ones.
  • Getting laid in exotic brothels, although this tradition is a bit difficult, given that the hookers will now cut your head off and post it on youtube for your mum to see and leave comments like "NO WAYY!11 THAT WAS TOTALLY FAKED LOLZZ!!!!
  • Catching a whole host of exotic STD's
  • Making friends
  • Shooting Jihadis, Americans and other enemies of the world
  • Killing horrible people
  • The ability to pee where you stand
  • Pulling fit "Totty*
  • A chance to abuse Prisoners by beating them and placing them on Forklift trucks and driving them around
  • Learning how to swim across the English channel.
  • Shooting at the violent Oyerish
  • Shooting at the non violent Oyerish (Parachute regiment special)


Don't tell him, Pike.

The British Army uses a wide variety of weapons, including Water Pistols, Rubber Chickens, 13.37-pounder guns and Challenger 2 Tanks captured from Salisbury Plain and civilian boats used to retreat across the English channel. Other silly weapons include the Mk1 Darjeeling Teabag, a very silly weapon indeed. Their most effective weapon, however, is the cunning British art of hiding behind the English channel.

And yet they can afford to use these weapons, as bullets bounce off them.

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